Summer flowers

Summer garden flowers

Summer is the season of colors and the same rule applies to balconies and gardens. In this particular period of the year, in fact, the flowers are very colorful. There are a lot of summer garden flowers and you are really spoiled for choice. There are some, however, really unmissable. Which ones are they? First of all, jasmine, one of the most popular summer climbing plants, both for its intoxicating scent and for its very useful action against annoying mosquitoes. Roses and daisies are beloved flowers during the summer season. The former are certainly not easy to cultivate but guarantee splendid results. The latter bring joy just to look at them. The sunflower, then, is inevitable. Symbol of summer par excellence, it is very easy to grow and does not require too much care. Suitable, therefore,

Summer flowers for wedding

Summer is a time full of flowers. Consequently, among the summer flowers for weddings it is possible to indulge in the choice and really satisfy every type of personal need. Remembering that in the period immediately preceding, symbolic wedding flowers such as roses and orchids bloom, for a beautiful summer bridal bouquet you can use flowers with a great impact. First of all, there is undoubtedly the gerbera, a flower that is still available all year round and used both for the bouquet and to decorate the church and the bride’s house. Anthurium also has the same functionality. Turmeric is perfect for composing a summer bride’s bouquet. It is, in fact, a flower that is quite resistant to the hottest days and it is possible to choose between white,

Perennial summer flowers

The perennial summer flowers are synonymous with a sensational flowering during the whole of the summer season. Having these flowers in the garden therefore means guaranteed beauty. These flowers are usually planted in the winter and do not require particular types of care. First of all the fascinating snapdragon, which blooms in June, characterized by clusters of white, red and pink perfumed flowers. The hibiscus, up to 15 meters high, with its huge flowers makes a beautiful display in the gardens. The flowers, in particular, look almost like paper mache, as if they were wrinkled, and can be white, red or orange. Marigold, another popular perennial summer flower, with its yellow daisy-like flowers, blooms in June.

Summer flowers for the garden

We have, up to now, seen what are the summer garden flowers that are mostly found in the gardens and, at times, on the balconies of the Italians who love to devote themselves to flowers and plants to embellish their environments. It is good to add that the price to spend to create these real corners of paradise on your own is by no means excessive, considering the fact that the bulbs and seeds do not have very high prices and that with a ten euro they take home a very considerable variety of flowers, such as roses, daisies, sunflowers, marigolds, begonias and snapdragons. Behind a beautiful balcony and a beautiful flower garden there is a lot of passion and dedication, aspects that are undoubtedly of fundamental importance. Gardening: undoubtedly a satisfying passion!

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