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What comes to mind when seeing images of tulips? In Holland for sure, but there is nothing more wrong! We all call it tulip, but in reality it is called Tulipa. In fact, the tulip is only one of the tulip species (but usually the whole breed is generalized with the name of tulip), a plant native to Turkey, and also its national coat of arms. The name tulip at the botanical level refers to the species that arises spontaneously in Italy. Mainly they can be described and cataloged as bulbs, from where slender stems that can reach up to 50 cm in height arise, where a flower is placed at the end, which can be of any color. The name comes from the Turkish «tullband» which means hat, turban. It was imported to Europe by a Dutch ambassador, who sent from Turkey to his homeland,

Tulips: how to grow them

The tulip is a bulb that with the right care, will have no problem granting you the view of all its beauty. The flower is very reminiscent of the shape of a champagne glass, and has three pistils and three petals that can be of any color and any combination of colors. There are an infinite number of species, but they are generally grouped into 15 groups. It is a plant used to mountainous regions but with a not too rigid climate. It is a spring flower, dormant in winter, so the best time to plant the bulb is autumn. They should always be planted outdoors, just to expose them to the cold, at a depth ranging from ten to twenty centimeters. The soil must be sandy, well drained and rich in nutrients. The climates they prefer are temperate, but they have a

Tulips: grow them in pots

Images of tulips in huge gardens make us think that it is impossible to grow them in pots. Nothing could be more wrong! If you have no garden or land, you can grow your tulips in pots with the layered bulb technique. Choose the tulip bulbs according to the colors you prefer. You will need a low and very wide vase. For example, a vase with a diameter greater than 40 cm, and with a height of less than 20 cm would be perfect. Place 5 cm of soil in the bottom of the pot, to protect the bulbs from the cold. Then arrange the bulbs in a circular way. Cover with another 5 cm of earth, and place other bulbs, but be careful not to place them on top of those previously placed. Continue doing this by doing two more layers of earth and bulbs and finally water abundantly. If you can place the pot outside you will no longer have to worry about watering them. Winter rains will do it all. If, on the other hand, you are forced to place the pot inside, water it every 10 days. The best time to plant bulbs is autumn, as they will flower in spring.

Tulips pictures: Tulips: meaning of flowers

Like all flowers, tulips also have their own meaning, used to say something. Having many colors, they also have many meanings. Here are the main ones. Red tulip: contrary to what everyone thinks, the symbol of love is not the red rose, but the red tulip. The legend tells that in the harems the sultans, to indicate his favorite woman, dropped red tulip petals at her feet. In the language of flowers, the red tulip means «I love you», expressed romantic, unconditional, and simple love. Purple tulip: represents modesty; suitable for those who want to declare themselves, but do not have enough presumption to promise too much. Yellow tulip: yellow is the color of the sun, friendship and modesty. In the language of flowers, it is given to those we like, but making clear that carefree and uncompromising love is required. Dozens more are the meanings of tulips, but these are the main ones. Pay attention now to who you give them, and the color you choose!

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