How much to water the sundaville

Although Sundaville is a plant that can survive even in drought conditions for short periods, it prefers very humid soils. During the spring and summer seasons, this plant requires regular and frequent watering which can be done once a week. The soil must always be sufficiently moist but not completely saturated with water as the Sundaville fears water stagnation, which is dangerous for the survival of the roots. It is advisable to spray water on the stems to ensure a good level of humidity; even the flowers can be sprayed with water to keep them open longer. During autumn and winter watering must become less frequent but also in this case the soil must always be humid and never completely dry.

To take proper care of the Sundaville, repottings must be carried out with meticulous attention: the size of the pots must follow the development of the plant and be gradually increased by choosing a diameter of two centimeters larger at each repotting. This operation must always be preceded by the preparation of the new substrate which in the case of Sundaville must not be too dry and compact but rather humid and soft; the substrate must be a mixture of soil and other materials, such as expanded clay, useful for promoting good air exchange inside the pot and good water drainage. Sundaville must be repotted every two years and always during the beginning of spring; if you want to let it grow naturally,

How and when to fertilize the plant

The Sundaville repotting soil must be mixed with a fertilizing product, which promotes fast rooting and represents an indispensable source of nutrients for a plant grown in pot. The best product is in liquid formula and must be abundantly diluted in irrigation water to prevent high salt concentrations from irreparably damaging the root system. Fertilizer should be given regularly at least once every three weeks during the vegetative growth period. The nutrients that must be contained in an ideal product are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iron, manganese, magnesium and copper. It is very important to remember to provide Sundaville,

Sundaville: Exposure, diseases and possible remedies

Sundaville can be affected by incorrect irrigation operations: if the soil is uneven or if there are no thick granulometry materials on the bottom of the pot, the abundant watering can create stagnation of water often fatal for this plant, as they cause the onset of fungal diseases. To remedy this possible error, it is necessary to immediately place the plant in a warm and sunny area or quickly change the substrate. Sundaville can be damaged by low temperatures: a harsh cold can cause the roots to freeze causing the foliage to lose vitality, prompting it to assume a drooping position. Also in this case, to avoid exposing the Sundaville to the attack of mainly fungal diseases, this plant must be immediately moved to a warmer environment. If spots appear on the leaves that tend to take on a color close to brown, the plant is suffering from a serious lack of very important microelements that must be administered through the use of a good fertilizer.

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