White clematis (Clematis montana)

The Clematis montana is a plant belonging to the family Renonculaceae. It is a highly appreciated climbing species, especially for its delicate and lush flowering. It is great to decorate gardens, patios and verandas, for this it must be placed in a position that allows it to climb, usually near a wall or protection designed for that purpose, or use it to decorate suggestive pergolas. It is a plant that does not require specific care and that, due to its original blooms, guarantees a truly magnificent result.

Characteristics of the Clematis montana

This climbing plant has a vertiginous growth, however to obtain its maximum growth it can take approximately 2 to 5 years. Its stems climb very easily, if it is allowed to develop in an environment free of disturbances, it can grow from 10 to 12 meters in length and about 3 or 4 meters wide.

As a consequence of the various existing hybridizations, the species has been divided into plants with large flowers and those with small flowers. Also its varieties can be deciduous and perennial. Its leaves are divided, oval and lanceolate, they have between 3 and 5 leaflets, their edges toothed, green in color and a length of approximately 10 cm.

Planting and care

You should plant in a soil with a soft texture, well drained and rich in organic nutrients. In relation to the necessary PH, it must be slightly alkaline or neutral. Try to plant in early spring or fall. Due to its characteristics, it is appropriate to place it in full sun, near a wall protected from the wind, but with its roots slightly in the shade.

To facilitate its climbing , place something that serves as a support, it can be a trellis or a mesh. Now, if you plan to grow it in pots, then place a layer of gravel on the bottom to facilitate drainage.

Arrival in spring and until the beginning of summer, the flowering of Clematis montana occurs, a time when some species show abundant white flowers; while the flowering of the large-flowered species occurs in the summer and autumn seasons; others have up to two blooms, one in spring and then in fall. In general, the plant tolerates low temperatures, not so, some of its hybrids that do require special care, such as covering their roots during frost.

In relation to homemade fertilizers, these should be applied in a moderate way to avoid possible rotting of the roots. During growth the application of nitrogen fertilizers is recommended ; Potassium-based fertilizers are better during the period of appearance of the boats and, after flowering, phosphate-based.

In principle, perhaps pruning is unnecessary, although you can do it to prevent excessive growth of the plant. Those that bloom during the summer season can be pruned once their flowering is over, the double-flowered species are pruned immediately after their flowers have withered. While those that bloom only in spring, you can wait the following winter for pruning.


Propagation can be done through the semi-woody cutting procedure which is quite simple and safe. You can also resort directly to sowing. The sowing must be done in autumn, for this, you must place the seeds in containers with a mixture of sand and soil (remember that you prefer soft soils), then put it in a soft and cool environment, otherwise in a greenhouse while it is suckers develop.

The beginning of summer is the best time for sowing, because during that stage the risk of frost has already passed and the plants have enough time to strengthen before the arrival of winter. Once summer arrives, you proceed to cut the branch of the Clematis stem, exactly below a knot and then bury it in a pot with the same mixture of sand and soil. Cuttings can be planted in the winter. It is important to guide the plant with a stick at the beginning.

Diseases and pests

This plant is prone to being attacked by aphids that negatively affect the shoots and flowers, especially the young ones. Another problem that afflicts the plant are the so-called snails that feed on its foliage and shoots. To combat this type of pest, there are a number of specific products on the market.

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