Cycas plant how to cure it

Irrigation of the Cycas plant

The Cycas plant should be watered if the soil is dry. The frequency will depend on the temperature and exposure: if it is exposed to the sun, the soil will dry out quickly so it will need to be watered much more often, while in winter watering will be less frequent. Beware of water residues in the saucer because it does not tolerate water stagnation. If planted in the ground it will need to be watered often so that the soil remains moist; if it grows in a container, irrigation must be adequate for exposure. The most effective way to adjust is to insert a finger deep into the soil to see the level of humidity. It is very important to avoid stagnation by preparing a thick draining layer on the bottom made up of shards, gravel or expanded clay.

Cultivation and care of the Cycas plant

The Cycas plant is easy to cultivate because it does not require special precautions. It can be grown indoors or outdoors in areas with a temperate climate. It grows in the sun but adapts to different situations, as long as the light is not insufficient; in fact they live well at temperatures between -10 ° C and 40 ° C. It is a slow growing plant so for those grown indoors, repotting can also be done once every 3-4 years, since the plant does not grow more than 1-2 cm per year, using a larger pot, in spring. or in summer, when the roots have taken up all the space. For the cure we eliminate the dry or damaged leaves; in the apartment it is always useful to vaporize the leaves from time to time with demineralized water to increase the ambient humidity.

How and when to fertilize the Cycas plant

The fertilization of the Cycas plant should be done away from winter, about every 6-8 weeks, as it has a slow growth. The best period goes from spring until the end of summer and during the other periods it must be suspended. A liquid fertilizer is used, diluted in the irrigation water that is well balanced, that is, that contains both macro elements (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) and the so-called microelements, i.e. those compounds that the plant needs in minimal quantities , all important for its healthy, correct and balanced growth. It is advisable to prefer a slow release organic fertilizer so that the plant acquires it gradually, avoiding an excessive supply of nutrients. This fertilizer can be easily found in specialized shops.

Cycas plant how to cure it: Exposure of the Cycas plant, diseases and remedies

The Cycas plant prefers a mild climate and places in partial shade. Its strong point is the ease of cultivation as it does not require special care and is extremely flexible as regards the adaptation to various climates. It can be kept both in the apartment and outside. Although it lives well in the sun it is important not to expose it to direct sun but we must also be careful not to keep it too much in the shade. For the care it is necessary to remove the old leaves, those damaged or yellowed. The yellowing of the leaves can also be caused by parasites such as cochineal. If the infestation is mild it is possible to eradicate it by manually removing it with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol; in the case of large plants, also wash them with water and neutral soap.

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