Garden plants of the genus called Euonymus

The plants of the genus Euonymus, more commonly called evonyms, are more than one hundred and seventy and belong to the Celastraceae family. These plants are widespread on all continents and can be grown as shrubs, small trees, climbers or ground cover, according to the different species. They are evergreen or deciduous, they adapt perfectly to the Mediterranean climate and are used for the construction of borders, low hedges or to decorate flower beds. Generally, the foliage is leathery, shiny green in color, and varied according to the varieties available on the market. Compact and vigorous habit, Euonymus plants grow slowly, the flowers produced are small, inconspicuous brown or green, subsequently the globular, pink or black fruits appear.

Cultivation techniques of Euonymus plant species

The Euonymus species do not require particular climatic conditions to grow, the deciduous specimens easily adapt to different environmental contexts. They are resistant to cold winter temperatures, well below freezing while the evergreen varieties, for a luxuriant development, need temperate climates and mild winter seasons. The soils can be fertile or poor, calcareous and stony, the important thing is that proper irrigation drainage is ensured. They grow in sunny positions or in partial shade while watering is regular only in summer. In spring and autumn, it is advisable to administer a liquid organic fertilizer to be diluted periodically, to provide all the nutrients necessary for the growth of Euonymus plants.

The cuttings, method of propagation of Euonymus plants

New specimens of Euonymus can be obtained faster than sowing times, using the semi-woody cutting method. The best time to select and cut the branches is between August and September. The buds must be at least ten centimeters long, the cut is made obliquely and is treated with rooting and pesticide powder. It is also necessary to eliminate the excess leaves, leaving only a few at the end. The cuttings are placed in individual containers, filled with moist soil, consisting of peat and sand. They should be placed in temperate places sheltered from currents, the rooting and rooting of Euonymus garden plants is confirmed with the release of new leaf buds.

The different varieties and species of Euonymus plants

A spontaneous species in nature in various Italian territories is the deciduous Euonymus europaeus, which is cultivated as a shrub or small tree. The most interesting ornamental aspect of these plants is the appearance of small red fruits, in autumn, with original shapes and of red color. The compact habit characterizes Euonymus japonicus, an evergreen hedge shrub that includes varieties with variegated cream-colored foliage. The autumnal coloring assumed by the specimens of the species called Euonymus alatus, with very intense purple shades, is wonderful. Euonymus fortunei garden plants are evergreen, weatherproof, can be grown as climbers or ground cover. In some varieties the leaves take on reddish tones during the winter seasons.

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