Evergreen garden plants

Evergreen garden plants

For its versatility, garden architecture has always used the evergreen species Boxus sempervirens, more commonly known as Bosso or Mortella. Used in topiary art it is a shrubby plant that is characterized by small and dense foliage. It develops in height and in width although it has a slow but steady growth cycle. Resistant to even the most intense cold, it can be placed in partial shade or in full sun. It requires constant watering only in summer and two prunings a year. Large leaves for evergreen garden plants of the Aralia species. There are several varieties available, arboreal, perennial and herbaceous. They can grow in different climatic contexts and tolerate both cold and heat well.

Evergreen garden plants with flowers

Typically Mediterranean, it is among the garden plants with the most widespread flowers used for ornamental purposes. Commonly known as Oleander, it is a perennial shrub that is characterized by its intense and abundant flowering that begins in spring and lasts all summer. The flowers range from white to different shades of pink. Native to Asia, it is a plant that adapts easily and does not need a lot of attention and care. It prefers direct exposure and is not afraid of humidity. Large flowers in many different colors for the Hibiscus plant available in three hundred different shrub, herbaceous and tree species. Resistant to cold, it requires a not too ventilated and partial shade exposure, flowering begins in summer and continues until late autumn.

Evergreen garden plants

Surrounding yourself with evergreen garden plants is an opportunity to learn about the different species and vegetative characteristics. Suitable for the Mediterranean climate is the commonly called Fern. There are numerous species that distinguish this plant, easy to grow and devoid of flowers. The leaves are called megaphilli and develop like a bird’s feather. All varieties love moist soils and require non-direct exposure to sunlight. Typical of southern Europe, the Tamerice is found in an arboreal or shrub form. It is among the most recommended evergreen garden plants to grow near the sea. Likes direct sunlight but fears excess watering. The foliage is dense and very small with a dark green color, it develops in height reaching even five meters.

Plants with evergreen garden flowers

Widespread throughout the Mediterranean, the Caper is among the plants with evergreen garden flowers, easy and simple to grow. Heads of branches and ovoid leaves interspersed with thorns make up the structure of the most common variety. It loves warm climates and requires direct exposure to sunlight. Irrigation must never be abundant and it grows well even on rocky soils. The flowers begin to bloom in spring and continue until autumn, white in color, the petals are rich in stamens with violet and pink tones. Withstands the cold but cannot withstand sub-zero temperatures. Bright green leaves for Bouganville, an evergreen climber with colorful cluster flowers. It can’t stand too windy locations and requires direct light to grow well. Flowering begins in summer and continues into late autumn.

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