Evergreen garden trees

Evergreen garden trees

Suitable for growing in temperate climatic zones, it is one of the most widespread and used evergreen garden trees. Commonly known as Eucalyptus or Eucalyptus, it belongs to the Mirtaceae family. Native to the oceanic continent, it collects more than six hundred different species. It is a tree that requires direct exposure to the sun, tolerates winter temperatures but not too cold ones. Also ideal in coastal areas, they live well in contact with salt. The leaves are elongated and lanceolate, the dense and pendulous branches develop downwards. The bark is smooth and shiny. Fertilization must take place once a month, especially in the winter. Some of the most common species are: Eucalyptus pulverulenta with white and brown patches of bark and fast-growing Eucalyptus gunnii.

Evergreen garden trees: il Leccio

Known by the common name of Holm oak, Quercus ilex is also called Elce ad is a garden tree belonging to the Fagaceae family, typical of the Mediterranean temperate flora. The growth of this species depends a lot on exposure to light, in fact, it requires at least a few hours of direct sun. The foliage and branches of the holm oak are very dense and leafy, the leaves have a toothed margin and are lanceolate of a dark green color. The trunk of a young tree is smooth, but over the years the bark transforms, becoming cracked and plaque. The acorns it produces after flowering in autumn have been used in cooking since ancient times for their sweet flavor. The roots take root deeply and this allows these evergreen trees garden to withstand long periods of drought.

Very common among the evergreen garden trees are the Conifers, belonging to the Pinophyta division. To the Cupressaceae family is the genus Chamaecyparis in different varieties. These Conifers are recognized for their characteristic crown composed of small and flattened leaves. Compact and tapered, they are distributed on the small branches. The colors change according to the types of the species, from dark green to gray, from yellow to blue. They grow well near the sea coasts and are not afraid of saltiness, they need direct light and to grow luxuriantly they must be positioned in deep and fertile soils. The main varieties are the conical-shaped Chamaecyparis pisifera, the Chamaecyparis lawsoniana which has a conical crown and pointed at the tip. Theseevergreen garden trees can reach a height of twenty meters.

Perennial garden trees, the Magnolia

There are several varieties of evergreen Magnolia garden trees . Belonging to the Magnoliaceae family there are more than eighty different species of trees and shrub plants, originating from North America and Asia. They are plants that prefer fertile and well-drained soils, to grow and develop well they need to be sheltered from strong currents and fear the cold below ten degrees which freezes the buds. The leaves are large and elliptical, shiny and dark green in color. The varieties of evergreen garden treesof Magnolia come into bloom at the beginning of the summer and last until the end of the season. The flowers can be of different shades, from white to purple red, passing through shades of pink. Among the most common species we remember the Magnolia grandiflora and the Magnolia glauca.

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