Evergreen plants with flowers

Evergreen indoor plants

Evergreen houseplants add more elegance to the rest of the furniture, giving a natural touch all year round, both in summer and in winter. These types of plants in fact have the characteristic of not letting the leaves fall and keeping their beauty unchanged with the passing of the seasons. In fact, the leaf renewal occurs gradually during the formation of the buds without the plant remaining completely bare. For each climatic condition it is necessary to choose the right one to ensure that it maintains its characteristic over time, without it withering. Care for evergreen plants is the same as for others that drop their leaves. It is necessary to fertilize them, water them, establish their right position according to the

Evergreen plants with flowers

When choosing ornamental plants for indoor or outdoor use, a division must be made. There are in fact those that have only leaves and evergreen plants with flowers, which give greater beauty to the environment and are very fragrant. Among these are the perennial species that bloom several times a year in a luxuriant way. You can choose according to the size, according to the colors or the fragrance and of course taking into account the climate in such a way that the vegetable grows in an ideal environment. It is also necessary to take into account that there are plants that are more suited to the house and others that must be kept outside as hedges or climbers. In the period of the year when there is no flowering, the plant does not shed its leaves but remains green, changing the foliage gradually.

Evergreen plants list

Among the evergreen plants there are: Ficus benjamina is very common as an ornamental indoor plant, especially of small size even if in the adult state it needs a larger space like a garden as it can reach several meters in height; Curcuma has long and lanceolate leaves, very shiny and light green in color, and the flowers resist for over 15 days; the Fatsia, on the other hand, originally from eastern countries, reaches 5 meters in height and has large, shiny and evergreen leaves; Croton is a shrub that has foliage with different colors ranging from yellow to red that contains different shapes, both oval and elongated; the wax flowers instead are creepers that bloom luxuriantly in summer, the leaves are green and fleshy, like those of succulents,

Climbing evergreen plants

Evergreen climbing plants are those that keep the colors and foliage unaltered, without being bare during the winter months. They have the characteristic of growing vertically on walls or pergolas if they have a structure to lean on. Among these some very common species are jasmine, ivy, Canadian vine and many others depending on the required characteristics, the climate and the spaces available. In fact, if you have a smaller place it would be necessary not to buy those plants that instead need large structures on which to climb. These climbers also differ according to the presence or absence of flowers. They do not need special care as they only have to provide for fertilization, irrigation and pruning. This type of plants is more common for the

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