Evergreen plants

The Daphne species: a particular evergreen

A small evergreen plant, but extremely pleasant especially for its scent, is the Daphne species. These are small bushes that usually have dimensions between 15 and 100 centimeters in height, depending on whether they are ‘dwarf’ species or not. Their main feature is the scent that their flowers are able to release even during the winter and in the very first days of spring, when no other plant in the garden is able to bloom. It is preferable to grow the ‘Daphne’ species in places not excessively exposed to sunlight or in any case partially shaded, such as small groves or gardens where large shrubs appear. A plant of this type usually costs between fifteen and twenty euros,

Holly: a colorful, evergreen plant

Holly, also called Greater Holly, is a particular type of evergreen plant, belonging to the Aquifoliaceae family. It is characterized by its glossy dark green leaves and its pyramidal crown and is often given as a gift during the Christmas holidays as a good omen. This plant prefers to be placed in somewhat shaded or undergrowth locations, even better if planted in acidic and humus-rich soil. If its beauty is irrefutable, it should also be remembered that it is also a very useful plant from a medical point of view since the decoction of the young roots harvested in autumn has diuretic effects, as well as some substances present in the bark are able to heal from flu and constipation.

Camellias: evergreen plant with dark leaves

Camellia is an evergreen plant famous for the beautiful flowers that it manages to give even at the beginning of the year, therefore during the coldest climates, for its ability to withstand very low temperatures. Nevertheless, it is preferable to cover them with non-woven fabric during the most pungent colds, especially if they have already produced buds, to prevent them from being deteriorated by frost. The colors of its flowers can be very varied, ranging from pure white to much more intense red, passing through intermediate shades such as pink and ‘straw’ yellow. For the Camellia, pruning is a very important practice, since it is a plant that tends to grow in a disordered way and it is therefore essential that light and air circulate in all parts of the plant.

Evergreen plants: La Mahonia

Mahonias are small evergreen shrubs that are highly esteemed because they have considerable resistance to both cold and heat, as well as able to easily defend themselves from the attack of parasites and fungi. In most cases, these are medium-sized shrubs, although in Italy and more generally in Europe only a few species are cultivated, including mahonia aquifolium and mahonia japonica. Due to their not too excessive size, they can be placed both inside the house and in your garden, both in pots and in the ground, where they can reach a height of three meters. The leaves are dark green, oval and quite shiny, while the stem is quite dark and smooth. A mahonia usually costs between twelve and fifteen euros.

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