Evergreen shrubs

Flowering evergreen shrubs, Pieris japonica plants

Evergreen shrubs, cultivated and used for ornamental purposes, the Pieris japonica plants belong to the Ericaceae family and are characterized by their elegant and colorful flowering. The post is erect and the stems have numerous thin branches, the foliage is compact, dense and dark green. The leaf shoots are characterized by a bronze color. The inflorescences are gathered in panicles and open at the beginning of the summer season. The flowers are white and hanging. The evergreen shrubsFlowering of Pieris japonica, they love soils with an acid pH and prefer bright but not direct exposures. Irrigation must be regular starting from spring and until autumn, avoiding water stagnation. A fertilizer for acidophilic plants must be administered for the entire duration of the vegetative period.

The genus of evergreen garden shrubs, called Sarcococca, belonging to the Buxaceae family, includes about fifteen different species. The foliage is glossy, elliptical or ovate, dark green. The not very showy flowers are devoid of petals, open during the winter season and are characterized by an intense, fragrant, fragrance. They are resistant plants and do not require excessive cultivation attention. They prefer humus-rich soils and grow well in partial shade or shady locations, direct sunlight can burn the delicate leaves. They must be sheltered from cold currents and irrigation must be regular, especially during the summer season. An organic manure fertilizer must be applied in autumn and spring.

Evergreen flowering shrubs, Hebe plants

The genus of plants called Hebe, includes more than one hundred different species and varieties, belongs to the Scrophulariaceae family and is characterized by a vigorous and shrubby habit. The foliage is oval in shape, green-gray in color, in some varieties the leaves are variegated or mottled. The flowering period, according to the different species, begins in summer producing small white, blue and pink flowers. They adapt to any kind of soil, as long as it is well drained, water stagnation can create rottenness and radical asphyxiation, deleterious for these plants. They love sunny locations and should be protected from cold currents and winter frosts. The irrigations must be frequent during the summer season, for the whole vegetative period it is advisable to fertilize with fertilizer for flowering plants.

Evergreen potted shrubs, Mahonia plants

Mahonia plants are evergreen pot shrubs, grown for ornamental purposes, belonging to the Berberidaceae family. The posture is erect or round, the foliage is leathery and pointed, dark green becomes reddish at the end of the autumn season. The inflorescences appear at the end of winter and are characterized by the showy racemes in which they are gathered, small yellow and fragrant flowers. Mahonia specimens are easy to cultivate, in fact they adapt to any kind of soil, as long as it is well drained. They need to be sheltered from cold currents and can grow in both sunny and partial shade locations. Irrigation is needed especially in summer and is reduced with the arrival of the winter season. In autumn and spring,

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