Fuchsia or fuchsia

Fuchsia plant

Fuchsia (fuchsia or fuchsia) is a genus of plants belonging to the Onagraceae family, which originate in central-southern America and New Zealand. The genus includes about one hundred species showing both deciduous and evergreen shrub characteristics. Generally they prefer a wooded mountain environment. The plants show particularly branched stems, with a semi-woody consistency and a variable color between green and reddish. The foliage is bright green in color and both oval and lanceolate with a slightly serrated edge. The flowers bloom in the period between spring and autumn. The inflorescences are pendulous, gathered in groups that form a tube and have a variable color between pink and red.

Characteristics of fuchsia

The fruits of fuchsia are small berries with a fairly elongated shape and which contain fertile seeds inside them. The berries of fuchsia have a shape similar to that of cherries, have a dark red color and are edible. Being plants that are used to a cool and humid climate, it is difficult to produce fertile seeds in different environments, therefore artificial pollination should often be used. In many areas, fuchsia is used for the construction of flower beds, borders or hedges. Fuchsias are very difficult plants to grow since they require particular environmental conditions. The best exposure should be particularly bright, but not in bright light for too long.

Cultivation of fuchsia

Fuchsia suffers particularly from the cold, so in the winter months it should be stored in a greenhouse with an adequate temperature of no less than 9 degrees centigrade. Fuchsia can grow well in areas with cool climates with a strong temperature range between day and night. There are some species of fuchsia which, being more rustic, could resist well in almost all environmental conditions, with temperatures even as low as -10 degrees centigrade. These species, in winter completely lose the aerial part, in spring the plant will start to vegetate again. The roots should in any case be protected with an adequate mulch with straw and leaves. Watering should be regular especially in the period between March and October,

Fuchsia or fuchsia: Care of fuchsia

Fuchsia is a plant that particularly suffers from excessively prolonged drought. During the vegetative period it would be advisable to fertilize with fertilizer for flowering plants, administering it once every 20 days, mixing it with the irrigation water. The ideal soil for cultivation should be soft and particularly rich in organic substances with the addition of a good amount of sand or perlite, so as to ensure adequate drainage. The growing medium could be enriched with mature manure. Fuchsia should be repotted every year in spring since having a considerable development, the root system would be affected, so the roots should be shortened or placed in a larger container.

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