Not just fuchsias: fuchsia roses

The fuchsia color is, canonically, the color of fuchsias. It is very popular not only among flower lovers, but also among ordinary people, who may not know plants and their meaning. In fact, you don’t need to be an expert to know that fuchsia color means joy. Precisely for this reason, not only fuchsias are very popular, but also all flowers of the same color: one of the most beautiful and widespread is the fuchsia rose. The fuchsia roses, originally from the Mexico area, are shrubs with a decidedly bushy appearance and the flowers have a white goblet shape that fades into pink-red in the corolla. Furthermore, fuchsia roses are hanging, so when they have not been cut, they are facing downwards, unlike all the other roses that instead stand out well above. Fuchsia roses are not difficult to grow, indeed, they can also be kept indoors in a vase. Indeed, they are particularly suitable as houseplants: they only need a lot of light and mild temperatures. In the language of flowers, fuchsia roses indicate a sincere, spontaneous and passionate affection, like first love.

Fuchsia in shopping: Fuchsia earrings

Fuchsia is also a widely used color in accessories of various kinds. While shopping it is very easy to find fuchsia colored dresses, bags, bracelets, earrings in stores or online shopping websites. Speaking, specifically, of fuchsia earrings, a very beautiful model are the drop earrings in fuchsia Swarovski crystal for pierced ears. They are handmade in Krystal’s London factory and the crystals are set in silver-plated metal. In “Decò” style, on the other hand, we find ultralight earrings, ideal for those looking for a jewel to match that incorporates the motifs of the retro jewelry collections. They consist of faceted moving stones of fuchsia color combined in an expert way,

Not just plants: fuchsia flos

In the furniture sector, the name of fuchsias and, consequently, that of their classic color has been taken up by the fuchsias flos. These are interior furnishing lamps in glass and direct light, equipped with a suspension cable. The fuchsia flos lamps are each equipped with 12 cone-shaped glass diffusers, mouth-blown and sandblasted in the terminal part. In addition, they are equipped with O-rings to protect the diffusers: they are made of opal silicone and injection molded. The structure is made up of steel tubes painted in glossy white powder. The ceiling rose, on the other hand, is manufactured with 12 arms in extruded aluminum and with side caps (made of polyamide loaded with 30% glass fiber and injection molded). A ceiling attachment in pressed and galvanized steel is provided.

Fuchsias: Succulent plant with fuchsia flowers

As mentioned above, it is not only fuchsias that feature beautiful fuchsia-colored flowers, but many other plants as well. Among these, surprisingly, we find succulents. In fact, succulents are not only extremely versatile and hardy, but even if many don’t know it, they have a really beautiful flowering. Among the succulents with fuchsia flowers, we find Aloe Lilacea. This plant needs very permeable soil and a large amount of light. During the winter, the water supply must be almost zero. The family includes almost 2000 species, all flowering with suggestive and spectacular colors. Among the cacti, however, we find Euphorbia submammillaris, characterized by a dense bush of flowers. The meloformis variety, on the other hand, it has small perennial tuber-shaped flowers. Warning: the flowers are very delicate and fragile, and can be damaged and fall off at the slightest bump. Tacitus Bellus has a spectacular large flowering, with numerous flowers in different shades of pink and fuchsia, inside a white corolla.

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