Green outdoor plants

Lippia citriodora, green outdoor plants

Limonaria, Verbena odorosa and Cedrina, are just some of the most common names of the species of Lippia citriodora, belonging to the Verbenaceae family, is native to South America. The foliage is deciduous, lanceolate and light green in color, characterized by a strong citrus aroma. The habit is shrubby and can reach one and a half meters in height. The apical inflorescences are composed of small clustered flowers, light pink or white. They require a fertile soil mixed with sand, to ensure proper drainage of irrigations which must be regular and frequent. They fear winter temperatures, below freezing. They should be placed in cool places and in partial shade, in spring, it is advisable to administer a slow release organic fertilizer.

Green outdoor plants, the Filadelfo

Shrub with deciduous foliage, the Philadelphus, is commonly called Philadelphus or even flower of agelo. The species belongs to the Hydrangeaceae family and is native to the European continent. The leaves are lanceolate or oval, leathery and dark green in color. The flowers can be single or double, according to the different varieties, white and very fragrant. They do not require particular cultural attention and also grow in impervious environmental contexts. They withstand harsh winter temperatures well, and a sunny location helps produce abundant blooms. Irrigation is frequent especially in the summer season, while it is drastically reduced in winter. An organic fertilizer to be diluted in the irrigation water, must be administered in autumn and spring.

The Rhododendrons, green outdoor plants

The Rhododendron genus of outdoor plants includes more than five hundred different species. Native to the Eurasian and American continent, it belongs to the Ericaceae family. The foliage is compact, persistent, of a glossy green color, the posture can be globose, erect or expanded. Outdoor plants that are characterized by the elegant and abundant spring flowering, available in many and different color tones. They love soils with an acid pH and require cool and partial shade locations. They resist temperatures below zero but must be sheltered from cold currents. They absolutely do not tolerate water stagnation and irrigation must be periodic, especially in summer. Fertilization must be regular in spring and autumn, once a year,

Green outdoor plants, the Spirea genus

The genus of plants called Spirea, includes several species and varieties, belonging to the Rosaceae family. Vegetable originating from south-eastern Asia, the foliage is lanceolate or oval in shape and has slightly indented margins. The small flowers are gathered in apical inflorescences and can be white or in different shades of pink. Simple to cultivate, they grow in different types of soil, the important thing is that it is very well drained. They withstand freezing winter temperatures without too much difficulty and require a bright, sunny or partial shade exposure. Spirea’s green outdoor plants need regular irrigation during the summer season, while in winter they must be drastically reduced.

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