Herbaceous peonies

Herbaceous peonies

Herbaceous peonies are perennial plants, belonging to the Paeoniaceae family. Originating from the European and Asian continents, they are cultivated for ornamental purposes due to the undisputed beauty of the flowers they produce in abundance. The foliage is pinnate with a lanceolate or oval shape, of different sizes. The habit of herbaceous peonies remains bushy over time. The flowering period is generally in spring, depending on the different varieties. The flowers are single, they can be single and double, available in different color tones of pink, white, purple, yellow and red. The shape can be flattened or rounded, in different species they are more or less fragrant. Grown for their beauty and medicinal qualities, herbaceous peonies have been known and used since ancient times.

Cultivation of herbaceous peonies

Herbaceous peonies are long-lived and lasting plants, if they are grown in optimal environmental conditions. In fact, they grow well in well-drained, fertile, medium-textured soils. They must be protected from strong currents and the most suitable place to plant them is sheltered and bright. They adapt easily to both direct sunny exposures and partial shade. They also withstand cold winter temperatures, below freezing. Irrigation must be periodic especially during the summer season, it is advisable to provide the right elements to the herbaceous peonies to grow luxuriantly. An organic fertilizer given in spring and fall will ensure strong and resilient growth. They do not require incisive pruning but just remove the leaves and dry branches over time.

Variety of herbaceous peonies

Most of the herbaceous peonies used for ornamental purposes belong to two main varieties. One is called Paeonia lactiflora, native to the North Asian continent, it is characterized by fragrant and fragrant inflorescences. The other variety is Paeonia officinalis, which comes from Europe and is also cultivated as a natural remedy in herbal medicine. Different genetic selections have given birth to hybrid plants or cultivars, particular and aesthetically elegant. For example, the herbaceous peonies of the Buckeye Belle variety, the flowers are double, dark red in color. Intense fragrance and double petals for the Lavon pink and yellow hybrid peony. Splendid inflorescences with numerous petals for Command Performance herbaceous peonies, whose color tone is cardinal red.

Uses and curiosities of Peony plants

Herbaceous peonies are not only characterized by the production of splendid fragrant flowers and different colors. In fact, the beneficial qualities of these plants have been known and used since ancient centuries. In the Middle Ages, the roots were cut and used to treat epilepsy. Nowadays this plant is used in herbal medicine, for the composition of sedative, calming, analgesic and antispasmodic remedies. Peony decoctions and herbal teas, in which flower petals are also used, are highly recommended for their fluidifying and calming abilities for coughs and bronchitis. Herbaceous peonies are also used in herbal medicine to control and calm muscle spasms and cramps. Furthermore, these plants are recommended as a natural remedy for dysentery, stress and

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