Lavender plant

Lavender plants

Lavender: plants that are easy to grow, sowable or reproducible by cuttings. So why not have one in every home? Lavender blooms between spring and summer, and the best time to plant it is between April and June. It is a very resistant plant, which grows little in height but expands horizontally. It can be found throughout Italy, in particular at altitudes between 800m and 1500m above sea level, but it is mainly Lake Garda and Tuscany that have exploited its image. Due to its easy cultivation and its repellent action against mosquitoes, lavender is a beloved plant and excellent to keep even on the balcony or window during the summer. Since it often grows a lot, it can be dried and stored as a deodorant for drawers or cabinets.

Lavender plant wikipedia

Lavender plant wikipedia: lavender, wikipedia tells us, is technically called Lavandula and is one of the forty species of the Lamiaceae family, dicotyledonous plants of the Lamiales order. The origin of the name refers to the Latin verb wash: lavender literally means that it must be washed and this refers to one of the historical uses of lavender, or Lavender, which was used especially in the Middle Ages for cleaning the body. Even today, someone uses lavender in the preparation of do-it-yourself detergents, in particular for laundry detergents. A few drops of lavender essential oil, added to water, vegetable soap (for example from Marseille) in flakes, and baking soda, make a detergent that will leave the laundry fragrant.

Lavender planting

Lavender: plant between April and June, smell in summer, protect in winter. Once planted, lavender is an annual plant that blooms in summer. It becomes particularly luxuriant if well exposed to the sun, but it does not fear the cold and for this reason it easily survives the winter, even if in case of severe frosts it is better to protect it. If you want to grow it in pots, the most suitable variety is the French one, among other things the most fragrant. It will be better to choose a large pot, because lavender does not tolerate constriction, and a generic soil mixed with sand and calcareous fertilizer. Lavender does not require frequent watering, so to orient yourself you will need to check the soil, and water only when it is dry. Lavender can be both sown and propagated by cuttings.

Lavender aromatic plant

Lavender, an aromatic plant widespread throughout Italy, is very rustic and therefore easy to grow. Its most fragrant variety is the French one, recognizable by its serrated leaves. French lavender, whose scientific name is Lavandula Officinalis, is what some call the “true lavender”, precisely because it is the most aromatic. Other widespread varieties are Lavandula Stoechas, abundant in siliceous soils, Lavandula Latifolia, larger than the others, Lavandula Angustifolia, with smaller leaves than those of other varieties and also present in red, white or blue, Lavandula Dentata, and then numerous hybrids called Lavandini, which give a greater yield in terms of essential oils and for this reason they are more cultivated than pure varieties.

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