Lemon diseases

The lemon plant

The lemon tree, if taken care of well, gives us fruit for the whole year, we must remember to water it regularly. In the period of production of the flowers and fruits it is necessary to fertilize the plant, generally for lemons the chopped lupins are used and scattered around the plant leaving them for 3 or 4 months, or a fertilizer to be diluted in water for fruit plants. Keeping the plant constantly irrigated and fertilized will protect it from the diseases to which it is subject. The lemon plant is predisposed to fruit drop, this may be due to lack of water and fertilizer or to the lowering of night temperatures, in this case it is advisable to cover the crown of the plant with agricultural fabric, to protect the roots we spread some straw at the foot of the plant, about 10 centimeters.

Badly dried lemon plant

The most common disease for the lemon tree is caused by a fungus that causes dry sore. The parasite settles inside the trunk of the tree causing yellowing of the branches with the consequent fall of the leaves, the mortality of the plant can occur within a few months or even years. Disease control is not easy, unfortunately, products can be used to prevent this violent disease. The disease generally arises in the period between October and February in the presence of humidity and heavy rain, the wounds caused by hail or strong wind allow the fungus to penetrate and spread quickly. The treatments are not many, usually all the dry branches are burned and in the periods of greatest risk we intervene every 20 – 30 days with chemicals.

Diseases of the lemon tree

The lemon plant, as already mentioned, can be subject to being attacked by parasites of both animal and vegetable origin. Among the most common parasites we remember the cochineal, which feeds on the sap produced by the leaves and the trunk of the tree by emitting a sugary substance that causes black spots on the leaves, fruits and branches making them dry. If the attack is not of great entity, the parasites can be removed manually to then proceed to disinfect the wounds caused by the parasite with an alcohol wipe, if the infection is of large entity you will have to intervene using white oil. To avoid the risk of attacks, it is advisable to intervene, at the beginning of spring, with anti-cochineal products to eradicate the eggs present on the plant.

Lemon diseases: Cures with natural systems

To cure plant diseases it is not always necessary to resort to chemical remedies, nature offers us valid alternatives. Aphids, commonly called plant lice, can be eradicated with anise, making a solution with water and anise and spraying it on the affected area, another very effective remedy to save our plants from pest attacks is, treat with a jet of water. and Marseille soap. For snail-infested garden plants, just sprinkle some ash or salt around the plant. The most common disease, sore white can be cured by using a solution of water and bicarbonate by spraying the affected area with a sprayer or by making a mixture made of copper sulphate and lime to be sprayed on the leaves once a month.

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