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Horsetail herbal medicine

Use of the herbalist’s horsetail

Horsetail is an ancient plant that dates back as a period of appearance on earth even to the Devonian era, about 300 million years ago, although in some cases it is considered a weed, its properties are undisputed. It contains silicic acid, flavonoids, organic acids, and minerals as substances. Equisetonin is a glycoside of saponins, in fact the ancient Romans used it as a substitute for soap. The specific prerogative of the herbalist’s horsetail is its high silica content. The lack of silica in the body is the cause of the reduction of collagen (glue of the cartilage molecules), the lower the silicon the more demineralization of the bones is present and consequently the onset of osteoporosis. L’

Therapeutic properties of herbal horsetail

Since the times of the ancient Romans, the therapeutic properties of horsetail were known to cure those afflicted with kidney problems. Its diuretic power is also recognized by modern medicine and used for the treatment of urinary tract infections. Thanks to the quantity of calcium carbonate contained, as well as substances such as potassium sulphate, iron and manganese contained in the plant, the herbal horsetail can provide a substantial and natural supply of calcium for the bones. An herbalist can advise us on how to best take it. We can choose a mother tincture or by taking capsules, or by preparing a good herbal tea. With the horsetail you can make compresses or decoctions to be applied for external use in case you need to treat sores or canker sores.

Herbal horsetail beauty and personal care

Those who want to start a slimming treatment can use herbal horsetail to quickly achieve good results without damaging muscle tone, while maintaining good tone. Useful in case of water retention, it can be taken as an infusion, because it helps fight swelling of the eyes, legs and ankles. In case of cystitis it can be useful to take horsetail because it eliminates accumulated waste in a healthy and natural way. Even in beauty care we can use herbal horsetail like clay, applying it locally to effectively combat cellulite blemishes, firming critical points. This plant is also good for the elimination of fat deposits thanks to the richness of its minerals.

Horsetail herbal medicine: Horsetail or horsetail

In its varieties, the horsetail plant has a stem between 20 and 50 centimeters high, but there are also tropical species that can reach up to 10 meters. As a medicinal remedy, horsetail is produced in the form of dry herb, for herbal teas or mother tinctures, but it is also found in tablets or capsules. The dosage of its active ingredients varies according to body weight. Even in the case of pesticides, the advice of an expert is advisable, in order to avoid unwanted side effects. Horsetail tea is prepared by pouring hot water over dried herbs and left to infuse. When we take herbal products we make sure that the origin is organic, the most used in agriculture to fight parasites.

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