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Herbal remedies. Rodiola: full of energy for the mind …

Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) is a powerful natural agent capable of increasing the body’s ability to adapt to stressful conditions. More and more the frenetic rhythms of life subject the organism to very high levels of tension, which manifest themselves through a series of somatic reactions that diminish our well-being. Taking Rodiola in particularly demanding moments allows you to reduce mental fatigue, improving the performance of cognitive functions, concentration and memory at the forefront. But not only that, the plant is an effective tool that can help counteract the onset of depression and insomnia, thus reducing stress loads once again. Depression, insomnia, stress: a vicious circle that is difficult to break,

Herbal remedies. Rodiola: full of energy for the body,

On a body level, Rodiola allows you to increase energy and muscle endurance, significantly reducing recovery times in periods of particular physical activity. It thus becomes the best remedy for those who practice sports at an intense level, thanks to the phytotherapeutic action capable of increasing physical and mental resistance without side effects. Furthermore, researchers have recently discovered additional beneficial effects of the so-called «Golden Root». Its action at the metabolic level would seem to increase the action of lipolysis, that is, the splitting of fats, allowing an easier elimination. Sedentary life, work, stress: these are all causes that negatively affect our weight and once again Rhodiola is a candidate as an effective natural remedy.

Rhodes: when it is better to be careful

Rhodiola is a phytotherapeutic with very limited contraindications and is a safe product from a toxicological point of view, however it has some contraindications that advise caution in cases of hypertensive crisis or heart disease, as its action can cause increases in blood pressure in sporadic cases. . Caution is also required in cases of severe psycho-physical exhaustion, where the intake of the active ingredient of the plant can interact with the basic conditions, causing further irritability and insomnia, elements that can also appear following an abuse of the substance. It is also recommended to check with the doctor the interaction with other drugs with which Rodiola could interact, increasing their action, but also the risks and side effects. Ask for advice before taking it,

Health and Rhodiola: how to behave to enjoy them to the fullest?

We have seen the remarkable benefits of the precious Siberian root. Fortunately, today it is not necessary to go so far to find it: capsules, tablets, powder, mother tincture are the many forms in which it is possible to find it at any self-respecting herbalist. Let yourself be advised by a trusted expert, or ask your herbalist who will guide you in choosing the most effective form and dosage for your body. Take it regularly for as long as needed, but don’t abuse it. Like any substance that nature makes available to us, it can be precious, but if abused, it could diminish its beneficial effects. The price of the preparations is generally low and between 10 and 30 euros. This makes the root even more appreciable,

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