Oriental flowers

The nelumbo

Nelumbo, better known as lotus flower, is a delightful aquatic plant, with very decorative leaves and generally white, pink, red and yellow petals. Of this flower we know two subspecies, nucifera and lutea, with almost similar characteristics. In general, the lotus flower is widely used for ornamental purposes to decorate ponds and ponds or for floral compositions. It has a nutritional function, as the leaves and rhizomes are edible, and also has medicinal properties since the cooking of the whole plant boasts febrifugal and emollient properties. To care for and keep this plant healthy, two factors must be taken into account: it lives in mainly humid and watery environments such as ponds and ponds and therefore needs a lot of water and is very resistant to harsh winter temperatures.

Sakura, the cherry blossom

The cherry blossom, in Japanese “Sakura”, is a flower that blooms in spring and has a purely ornamental purpose. It does not produce fruit and has a pink color with shades of white. There are numerous species of this flower; in fact in Japan there are more than 200 different varieties. Generally, the cherry blossom tree is planted in parks or large green areas because it needs to be well radiated by sunlight and a soil that allows for good drainage. For the good growth of this tree and its splendid flowers, it is advisable to apply a mineral fertilizer and prune the branches once a year. When its flowers are dry it is best to remove them, so as to favor the appearance of new buds and therefore of a new flowering.

The orchids

Orchids grow mainly in the tropical regions of Asia, which are characterized by a mild and temperate climate. Its splendid flowers can be polychromatic and are formed in the upper part by three sepals, while by three petals in the lower part. However, the orchid is a flower that requires special care and attention from different points of view. Here are some tips: the place where it is kept must be at room temperature; it must not be directly exposed to the sun’s rays but neither must it be in the dark, in fact it is advisable to filter the light through curtains and Venetian blinds, in order to create a bright environment; fertilization must take place every two weeks, with the addition of fertilizers diluted in water, while irrigation must take place in small doses but distributed at regular intervals.

Oriental flowers: The peony

Peonies are ornamental oriental flowers of purely Chinese and Japanese origin. They have petals, which can be of different colors depending on the specimen, which make the flower quite voluminous, with always deciduous leaves, with numerous stamens and with fruits, which contain large and dark seeds. We know two types of peonies: herbaceous, which are fragrance-free and have colors ranging from white to red; arboreal, which appear as real shrubs. They are simple flowers to grow as they resist well to summer drought and then bloom in spring, they need a light pruning and irrigation that is not excessive and not regular. There is no need to worry about the winter;

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