Peonies bouquet

The peony plant

The peony plant is a so-called “ornamental plant”, since its flowers are used a lot for the embellishment of the places where they are placed, whether they are balconies or gardens. It is a perennial plant that can be of two different types, namely shrubby or herbaceous. The “shrub peony” has Asian origins, the European “herbaceous peony”. The substantial difference between the two lies in the height, which in the first reaches up to 3 meters while in the second it stops at about one meter. The peony is characterized by its large flowers and equally large leaves. Due to its particular resemblance to the classic house rose, it is also known as the thornless rose. The flowers of the peony can be of various colors and are shown, in most cases,

The Peony Officinalis

In addition to being beautiful to look at, the peony also falls into the category of so-called “medicinal plants”. In fact, for several centuries, the innumerable medicinal properties that distinguish it have been well known. When we talk about this type of use, we particularly refer to a very specific type of peony, or the “Peonia Officinalis” which, as the name itself denotes, is the one used for medical purposes. In ancient times this peony was used to combat epilepsy. Today, thanks to its innumerable sedative properties, it is used to calm coughs (towards which it performs a perfect expectorant action), migraines, neuralgia and all those states of malaise that lead to anxiety and stress. The seeds are purgative. Most important, however,

The meaning of peonies

There are many who, to send a particular message to another person, rely on the language of flowers. The meaning of peonies is perfectly summed up in everything that is beautiful and positive we want to convey to those to whom we give them. The peony flower, in fact, is one of the symbols par excellence of beautiful feelings such as love and affection. To say “I love you” to your best friend, for example, is fine. Among the various meanings of the peony, there are also some strictly connected to the “material” sector of life, or rather to the economic side. Indeed, it can mean the wish for good luck in work and economic prosperity in the business sector. The peony, therefore, can be defined as a “multipurpose” flower,

Peonies bouquet

Receiving a beautiful bouquet of peonies is a real thrill, especially when you are aware of all the positive meanings that this beautiful flower carries with it. The peony is widely used by those who have a mistake to be forgiven by someone they particularly care about. In these cases, in fact, peonies represent a clear request for an apology, with relative hope of being forgiven. Having, then, love among its most “precious” meanings, peonies are ideal to give when we see the true sense of our bond with the partner in pure romanticism. It has also been customary for many years now to give a beautiful bouquet of peonies to the wife on her twelfth wedding anniversary. Your loved one will be impressed and excited.

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