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Peonies are plants characterized by beautiful, large, very colorful flowers with a pleasant fragrance. Here are the main reasons why they are very popular plants to decorate balconies and gardens of the most varied types. Peonies can be of two different types. One of Asian origin, known as “shrub peony” and one of European origin, or “herbaceous peony”. What makes these two species different is the height, greater in the Asian type, which can reach 3 meters. Also in terms of cost, the two types are distinguished from each other. In fact, shrubby peonies have a higher price on the market than herbaceous ones. It is important to mention the officinal function of the peony.

Peonies as a symbol of love

Seeing peonies as a symbol of love par excellence is absolutely not wrong. On the contrary, it can be said with absolute certainty that it is one of the flowers with which the deepest feelings of good and love can be expressed. It is not wrong, in fact, to give a beautiful peony plant to a dear friend to say “I love you” in a special and unforgettable way, just as it is not wrong to give it to your loved one to renew our feeling and all our desire for romance. . In general, we can say that the peony carries with it the message of a long and happy life. In some cases, another meaning is connected to the meaning that leads to love, which this time recalls the “materiality” which, however, distinguishes our life,

Peony in medicine

Peony has been used with great success in the medical field since ancient times, thanks to the various medicinal properties that distinguish it. Although almost all varieties of peonies can be included in this category, when we talk about medicinal properties we refer, in particular, to the so-called “peonia officinalis”. The peony, in medicine, has the most varied uses that derive, however, from the peonin, an element that is found within it and that is characterized by its enormous sedative properties. This is how the peony, properly treated, has excellent expectorant functions in the case of particularly intense cough, and is very useful in the treatment of painful manifestations related to neuralgia or migraine. It is also effective

Peonies cost

Peonies have a fairly high cost, especially if you go to the florist to buy them when they are ready to be given as gifts. The price, however, is very variable, since the types of peonies you can choose from are really many. A first difference in the price is made by the type of membership. A shrub peony, in fact, tends to cost more than a herbaceous peony. The shrubby peony, in the variants “Hybrids”, “Suffruticosa” and “Rockii” has prices between 35 and 55 euros. It goes down a lot for herbaceous peonies, such as the “Hybrid”, “Lactiflora”, “Hosta” versions with prices between 7 and 16 euros. The only varieties with a higher price are the “Intersectional Hybrid” peonies, which cost 50 euros.

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