How do you water the phormium

The unusual name denounces a foreign origin, the phormium in fact comes from distant New Zealand and, after an initial specific cultivation in pot, its diffusion has progressively expanded even in our own gardens, thanks to a good adaptability demonstrated. The phormium belongs to the Agaves family, it prefers soft soils, of excellent composition and effectively drained. It is able to withstand even small intervals of drought, especially if planted directly in the garden, but in the summer it is highly advisable to proceed with systematic watering, to be carried out when the soil is dry. It is important to respect the condition of not soaking the soil excessively,

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, phormium turned out to be very versatile and of reduced maintenance and care. It is a plant that enjoys exposure in decidedly bright positions, even in full sun, and is able to withstand temperatures close to -10 ° C, thanks also to skilful grafting operations that our local nurseries have progressively implemented to increase the adaptability of the phormium to the Italian climate. Its optimal cultivation soil is of soft consistency, well cared for from the point of view of drainage, but its multifaceted nature is confirmed by the fact that it can live and develop even in gravelly or sandy soils, adapting to coastal marine climates, bearing the exposure to winds of different nature and strength without any problems whatsoever.

Fertilization of the phormium

The phormium is a plant that needs little attention, dictated above all by common sense. The main care is to ensure effective soil transpiration, as the phormium does not like water stagnation which favors root rot. The optimal fertilization of this plant is represented by the use of a special gradual release fertilizer, with low nitrogen content, carried out in order to prepare the phormium for the cold winter season. Towards the end of autumn it is advisable to suspend any type of nutritional intake, as, continuing with the supplementation and integration, the development of new plant sprouts would be encouraged, which would have little chance of survival with low night temperatures.

Phormium: Diseases and parasites of the phormium

Also for what concerns the side of attacks by diseases and parasites, the phormium is very tenacious and very strong in resisting any type of adversity. The main problems for the correct maintenance of the ideal living conditions of the phormium derive from inexperience or carelessness, as this plant must essentially be protected from excessive temperature changes, for example protecting the root system with a layer of mulch during the cold season, an obligatory operation. if the plant lives in the garden. In the event that the phormium is grown in pot, during the winter it must be moved to an adequately lit position and sheltered from drafts of freezing air, as in the potted housing, the plant is more delicate.

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