Plant parasites

Garden plants

The garden will never be a real garden if there are no plants; in fact it is nothing more than a replica of the nature that surrounds us, which we human beings do to ensure that we have a piece of nature all to ourselves. This is due to the fact that we are well aware of the extraordinary positive influence that nature has on us; although we continually try to tear it down, dominate it and destroy it (more or less voluntarily), it relaxes us and protects us, for this reason after work a healthy walk in the countryside or a couple of hours of work in the vegetable garden allow us to disconnect the thorn from daily stress and to start feeling good again. In order to be able to carry out these operations without doing anything else other than leaving the front door, we are increasingly equipping ourselves with private gardens in our home; moving away from home to reach places suitable for these activities would be an additional stress injection due to traffic and parking issues. Not only that, obviously the home garden is also an extra accessory to be able to beautify our home, complete it and make it even more fascinating in the eyes of our visitors and also in our own eyes, because a pinch of material satisfaction is always important.

The cure

The title of this paragraph is absolutely not that of a famous Italian song, although they share about the same topic and above all the same love and passion, the song for the plant while our paragraph for the plants. The essential fact is that to ensure an excellent result for our precious garden it is necessary to take care of the plants that compose it, because if the garden is in splendid shape it is all due to the splendid health enjoyed by the plants that live in it. Well, taking care of plants is a work, a passion involves many people, each of whom feels a true bond with these living beings who are even able to give us satisfaction. In fact, after so many efforts it is really gratifying to see a plant grow from when it enters a jar until it provides us with the shade for our rest, or to rejoice because one of our plants heals from a disease thanks to the care and attention we lavish . Most of the times external chemical agents are not needed, but simple attentions that serve to recreate the best living conditions for the plants in order to make them stronger and above all not to recreate the best conditions for diseases.

Plant parasites

Among the many phenomenologies that can affect the plants in our garden, those that manage to attack the greatest type of plants are parasites. With this term, which alone manages to give the core of the attack procedure to the affected plant, we identify living beings of various species that operate by attacking the plant in a «discreet» way, leaning on it and sucking life and substances. vital in a silent and gradual way, leading in some to the death of the plant itself. But what are the parasitic species of plants? They are fungi, insects, small animals. in general, however, the most annoying creatures belong to the group of fungi and that of insects. Fungi in particular often attack flowering and fruit plants, especially those that can count on large leaves and that in some cases live in slightly humid and warm climates; insects, on the other hand, are a different type of parasites, because their parasitism often depends on the larvae, which to grow and evolve continuously “suck” enormous quantities of nutrients directed instead to the feeding of the plant itself.

Plant parasites: Solutions and extraordinary cases

Parasites are a fairly subtle type of plant disease, because they settle on the plant and in various ways manage to steal nutrients from the plant without any obvious and visible signs appearing to the human being; then, when we can notice it, maybe the disease is already in an advanced state. Two examples are white sickness and cochineal; the first of them is a fungal disease that presents in an advanced state a white powder on the surface of the leaves, while the second is a phenomenon of insect parasite, given by small white mites that invade the plant even with their larvae. And the solutions to these and other cases? In most situations, if the disease is in an initial state, it can be eliminated by washing the plant with water and alcohol, while in the most serious cases, specific killer products are used which are sold by all the best nurserymen and florists; it is true that it comes from chemical agents, but to avoid the serious degeneration of the plant or even its death they appear as necessary. In any case, for mushrooms in particular, it is good to avoid excessively humid and stagnant climates, because a good air circulation is a guarantee of plant health.

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