Plant the lavender

How to plant lavender

Lavender is a beautiful and fragrant plant and has the advantage of being quite easy to care for: in fact it is a plant that can be grown well both on the terrace, in a pot, and in the garden of a house. To begin with, first of all, you have to choose whether you want to plant the lavender starting from its seeds or from the cutting. In the case of seeds, the sowing period is during the autumn season, provided you are in a mild climate area. On the other hand, the best time is towards the beginning of the spring season if you are in a colder area. If, on the other hand, you want to grow lavender starting from a cutting, you are sure that it is the easiest way to proceed with a good cultivation. In the case of the cutting, try to use sprigs of lavender that have a stem of at least 10 cm.

How to grow lavender

Lavender is a beautiful plant that however needs a large enough space to grow well: if you decide to start its cultivation in a garden, then you must make sure that the lavender plant is spaced from other plants. grow your lavender in a pot, then you must remember that in spring it is necessary to repot it in a pot that is larger than the one in which it resides and that has well-drained and fresh soil. Lavender loves the sun and grows well if placed in a place that has a lot of light. For watering you must not exaggerate and mainly you must be careful that water stagnations do not form, which could cause the plant to die. If you want to promote the drainage of water, you need to mix its soil with organic matter. Before starting to fertilize the lavender plant you have to wait at least two years and then choose a product that is organic.

Beneficial properties of lavender

Lavender is a rather graceful plant and also with a very intense scent, but the main advantage of this plant is that it has discrete beneficial properties for our body and can be useful in many cases. essential which is very useful in case you suffer from anxiety or insomnia. It is also used to fight the flu, colds and even coughs: the plant in fact has both analgesic, antiseptic and even antibiotic properties. Furthermore, lavender is able to relieve muscle pain, has an effective diuretic action and has discrete healing properties. Finally, if you put a few drops of the oil obtained from the lavender plant on cuts, insect bites or wounds in general,

Planting Lavender: How to Scent a Home with Lavender Flowers

The fragrant flowers of the lavender plant are not only beautiful to admire and pleasant to smell, but above all they are useful if we want to perfume our home and in particular the drawers of the closets where we store linen. Thanks to the lavender plant, but above all to its beautiful flowers, our clothes and intimate garments will always be fresh and fragrant and will smell of spring, the season in which this beautiful and useful plant blooms. you can make nice bags with which you can perfume both the interiors of the wardrobes and the drawers. After you have collected a certain number of lavender flowers, it is sufficient to dry them in the sunlight for a rather short period. So you can try to make not only pretty bags, but also to make small bunches of flowers with which you can perfume and decorate all the rooms of your home at the same time. A final use of lavender flowers is to use them to prepare excellent and pleasant scented soaps that leave a pleasant smell on the body or hands.

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