Plants for flower beds

Plants for perennial flower beds

To create an aesthetically beautiful and pleasant garden to live in, flower beds are very important, for which suitable plants must be chosen, which contribute to the final effect: they can be perennials or annuals, bulb flowers, bushes, summer flowering plants , spring or winter. A good idea would be to mix the different types to have a blooming and luxuriant garden all year round. Perennials form the basis of the flower bed because they will not need to be replaced every year. Among the best perennials for flower beds we undoubtedly find hydrangeas, characterized by important flowers whose color can be white, pink and even blue. Roses also perform very well in flower beds, they bloom every year, do not suffer from harsh winters and are present in many varieties and colors.

Each solution chosen should include evergreen bedding plants, that is, those that do not lose their leaves during the winter period, always keeping the garden luxuriant even in periods in which there are no blooms. Laurel is one of these, ideal for creating borders or accompanying flowering plants in the composition of flower beds, it is an aromatic evergreen plant, which does not require special care. Erica is an evergreen plant that adapts well to rocky flowerbeds and also gives a touch of color, or the choice can fall on the Privet, a very resistant evergreen shrub, also used for hedges, which has small, very fragrant white flowers, and in the flowerbeds it can be kept as a round-shaped bush around which to invent plays of color with plants with different blooms.

Plants for flower bed

There are so many varieties of bedding plants. Among the most beautiful aesthetically we find the Abelia grandiflora confetti, an evergreen dwarf shrub from Eastern Asia characterized by leaves edged in white, which takes on a pink shade in spring, and by small white flowers that bloom throughout the summer the autumn. In autumn the leaves turn yellow-orange and are therefore very decorative. Even the dwarf forsythia is a very decorative shrub suitable for flower beds and borders, characterized by a very intense spring flowering with a golden yellow color. It is a very hardy plant that requires little care and exposure to light to thrive. Finally the Mirto Tarantino,

Flower beds

To create flower beds that bloom all year round, you have to choose plants that bloom at different times so as to always have color in the garden. For example, some species of cyclamen bloom in January, as well as the Snowdrop, which owes its name to its winter blooms. From February the Iris blooms, with purple flowers with orange hues, it releases a characteristic scent into the air. It is a bulbous plant native to the Caucasus that is used in flower beds, planting several bulbs in groups, for early flowering and a truly satisfying aesthetic effect. Alissum saxatile is an evergreen plant that in spring has intense yellow blooms, whose flowers are collected in bunches at the top of the stems of about 25 cm.

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