How much and when to water pomelia

Pomelia is a plant that has a predominantly tropical origin. However, this species is also commonly cultivated in different temperate climate zones. The irrigation operation seems to be one of the fundamental procedures in the pomelia cultivation process. This is true since an adequate and consistent amount of water given to the plant during irrigation inevitably corresponds to a conspicuous and prosperous flowering. Pomelia plantswhich do not show flowering have not been adequately watered. This operation must be performed on a regular basis, generally starting from the spring season and ending in the summer. It is absolutely necessary to avoid water stagnation at the base of the trunk because they could represent a source of contamination for pomelia.

Pomelia is a particular species of plant that is notoriously not inclined to survive the low temperatures typical of winter. For this reason, during this season, the plant must be adequately protected with a cloth from the cold, which could compromise its state of well-being. Pomelia can be grown as an ornamental plant both freely in the garden and in pots. In any case, immediately after planting, the plant must be supported with a special structure that allows it to adapt effectively to the new habitat. As for pruning, this plant does not require special interventions. Just remove if necessary the dry and damaged branches that could contaminate the plant,

When and why to fertilize the plant

To achieve optimal growth of the pomelia plant, it is necessary to choose a growing medium that best suits the needs of the plant itself. It is therefore advisable that this is adequately enriched with organic substances, as these will provide nourishment to the pomelia. An adequate fertilization of the growing medium must be carried out, first of all, before planting. The operation is essential to prepare the ground to accommodate the new plant. Subsequently, it must be performed cyclically, mainly during the spring and summer months, ie when the plant is in full vegetative activity. It is advisable to use slow-release organic fertilizers that enrich the growing medium with elements such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus,

Pomelia: Diseases and possible remedies

Like most plants, pomelia is also subject to the attack of different pathogens that cause more or less dangerous diseases. Among the most frequent, the cochineal infection is certainly the most widespread. This disease involves the appearance of characteristic spots on the branches of the tree. As for the pathogens affecting the leaves of the tree, the red spider mite causes yellow and / or brown spots, while a particular fungal species involves rust-colored spots on the leaves. Among the most useful tips to limit the possibility of contaminating pomelia, it is necessary to work in a hygienically adequate context. In fact, the operator is constantly equipped with clean gloves and properly disinfected and sterilized tools.

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