Potted plants

The species of shrubs called Aruncus dioicus, potted plants

The genus of Aruncus plants includes several species, belonging to the Rosaceae family, in Italy the most widespread is the one called Aruncus dioicus. Native to the northern hemisphere, this variety is characterized by terminal panicle inflorescences, composed of small cream-colored or white flowers, very fragrant and with a feathery appearance. The flowering period begins in June, with a shrubby habit, the light green foliage, is composed of lanceolate or ovate leaves, with serrated edges. Resistant and rustic, these potted plants prefer fertile and humid soils, do not like too sunny exposures and grow luxuriantly in partial shade. They fear drought periods and irrigation must be regular especially during the summer season.

The perennial species of Gloriosa, outdoor potted plants

There are several species and varieties of outdoor potted plants, included in the genus called Gloriosa. Belonging to the Liliaceae family, they are native to the African and Asian continent. The most readily available varieties on the market are Gloriosa superba and Gloriosa rothschildiana. Both have deciduous foliage, narrow and lanceolate in shape, bright green in color. The main ornamental feature consists in the production of elegant flowers with shapes reminiscent of those of the lily, the petals are deep red. These tuberous plants grow in pots filled with fertile soil mixed with sand and love sunny exposures. Irrigation is regular from spring and throughout the summer, to increase the atmospheric humidity it is useful to nebulize the leaves and flowers.

Potted plants, the climbing shrubs of Lapageria

The only species included in the genus of Lapageria is called Lapageria rosea, native to South America, it belongs to the Liliaceae family. Evergreen climbing shrubs, they are characterized by large waxy-looking flowers, shaped like a trumpet, of pink, red and white color, which appear at the end of the spring season. The ramifications are supple and thin while the leaves are oval-shaped with the pointed end, dark green. The potted plants of Lapageria rosea prefer temperate climates and sheltered but bright exposures. To grow in a luxuriant way it is good to use a fertile and slightly acid soil, they love humid soils and irrigation must be abundant in spring and summer, and must be reduced to necessary in autumn and winter.

The outdoor potted plants, called Streptosolen

Belonging to the Solanaceae family, the only species included in the genus of Streptosolen, it is called Streptosolen jamesonii. Native to Central America, it is an evergreen shrub with dark green, ovate-shaped foliage. Used for ornamental purposes, these potted plants are characterized by long flowering that begins in late spring and lasts throughout the summer season. The inflorescences are gathered in corymbs, the small flowers vary between shades of yellow and orange. The specimens of Streptosolen jamesonii fear too cold winters and must be protected from strong currents. They prefer well-drained soils composed of peat and sand; a bright and sunny exposure helps the development of the flowers. Irrigation is regular in spring and summer,

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