Red rose flowers

Red rose flowers uses and meaning

Flowers such as red roses are mainly used as cut flowers to give in bunches, or to display in vases, because they are pleasing to the eye and smell good. Not everyone knows, however, that the petals of the red rose are also used in herbal products, thanks to the presence of some sedative and astringent substances, in perfumes and also in food products, thanks to the aromas obtained from their extracts. In the language of flowers, the red rose is the flower that most of all indicates love and passion. In mythology this was in fact the favorite flower of the goddess of love Venus and today it is the most gifted flower by lovers. The scarlet red rose indicates passion, while roses of a softer red shade indicate the promise of love. The orange ones indicate trust, while the yellow one symbolizes jealousy. Finally, white roses indicate purity. In general, therefore, the meaning of all roses can be traced back to the sphere of feelings.

Flowers red roses variety

In nature there are about 160 different varieties of red roses. Among these the most famous are certainly the Lincoln rose, which is the classic one with an intense red color, and the Apple Jack, of a more tenuous red. These two types grow in bushes, but there are also climbing varieties, beautiful for decorating pergolas, walls or balconies, such as the Golden or the Gray, which exists in various scarlet shades, each more beautiful than the other. Among the oldest there is the Apothecary variety, the one that in the past centuries has been the most cultivated rose in the gardens of the great villas of the nobles of all countries. Unlike the name, Black Magic is not a black rose, but a very dark red rose, with an elegant and majestic bearing. In general, roses can also be grown in pots but if you have a large enough space,

Red roses flowers cultivation

Red rose plants should always be planted in areas that receive direct sunlight for several hours of the day; if you have less sunny spaces available, it is better to opt for varieties that tolerate even partial shade. However, excessive heat is poorly tolerated by this plant, for this reason in summer it is good to mix a compound made up of clay and dry grass to the soil, so that the earth where the roots are located is protected and cooled. When planting a new plant, you need to dig a hole deep enough, on the bottom of which manure or organic fertilizer will be spread. Then the plant must be inserted, possibly with supports that help it stay straight so the roots can develop regularly. The hole must then be filled with soil mixed with sand,

Red rose flowers care and maintenance

The plants of red rosesthey absorb many substances from the soil which, therefore, must never be poor in organic material. In this sense, after a few years it is advisable to remove the plant and replant it by enriching the substrate with organic fertilizer, as was done at the time of planting. In winter, roses should be watered once a week, while in summer they must be watered at least every two days, making sure that no stagnant water remains. Before each flowering, the plant must always be pruned, eliminating dry branches so that new shoots and new buds can grow. Red roses are often victims of mold attacks on flowers, a phenomenon that appears when the water stagnates at the base. Another type of fungus is responsible for the dark spots that often appear on the leaves: to eliminate these problems it is enough to use fungicide products. To combat aphids, however, it is necessary to prevent using specific insecticides, otherwise the foliage could be seriously damaged. SOURCE:

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