The kiss flower (Psychotria elata)

There are different plants and shrubs in nature with which we can decorate our garden. We have millions of species around us to choose the one we like the most, being the Psichotria elata a plant that stands out from the others for its peculiar figure.

If you want to have a fashionable patio or garden, you need flowers that are striking, that attract the eyes and that give it that special touch that you are looking for so much, where harmony, peace and reconciliation prevail.


Next we will see everything related to this wonderful species, its details, origins and how to give it timely care so that it grows healthy. Do not miss it.

It is known as the flower of the kiss and is native to the humid forests of Central and South America, specifically Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua, etc.

Due to its origin, it loves humid and jungle environments, where constant rains and humidity are part of the day to day. It grows under the large trees that surround it in the forest, with which it needs more accompaniment to be comfortable.

It has the shape of lips when kissing, hence its striking name, although it is more surprising to see it in person. It is a fairly small flower and is always found under the large trees and oaks of the South American rainforests.

These “lips” eventually open to form a kind of crown that protects their small white flowers that develop over time. Its shape is very attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds, which generate all the pollen we feel in the morning.

This species, which is in danger of extinction, is only found in territories with high humidity and tropical rains, such as the jungles of South America, where the jungles are the ideal environment to grow.

They can develop both at sea level and at more than 2,000 meters high as long as they are under large trees that give them the shade and temperature they need.

It needs a constant rain to grow healthily. For this reason, we can only find it in these remote places. The sun’s rays must reach it in a filtered way, thanks to its companions who protect it.

It is a bush that is not marketed due to the few existing quantities and it is in danger of extinction thanks to human acts of deforestation.


Any of us will imagine what care should be taken for Psychotria elata: plenty of water, shade and lots of humidity.

It is important that the sun’s rays do not hit it directly, since if this is the case, it could not develop correctly and it could have health problems. You need a shady environment although the luminosity can reach you at low levels.

The soil must be sufficiently drained for the water to flow through its roots and give it the necessary strength to fulfill all its stages.

It is important that strong drafts do not reach you, as they could prevent your flowers from coming out in the best way. It is for this reason that they grow naturally next to large trees that protect it from all these elements that we have indicated.

Now, because it is very pretty, it tends to be very striking both for other animals and for people, especially children who are very playful.

These plants, according to experts, have substances inside that are psychotropic, generating quite serious intoxication that, if not treated quickly, could cause the death of the person quickly.

The same happens with pets such as dogs and cats, since if they consume this liquid it would cause terrible damage, since it is used as a medicine for medicine. For this reason, it is advisable to have it in places where it is imperceptible to both children and pets to avoid any risk.

These are some characteristics of this wonderful species, although unfortunately due to human actions there are very few that remain today. However, if you ever see one, you will be surprised by its incredible beauty thanks to its design that resembles a woman’s lips so much.

Remember not to touch it to avoid possible damage.


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