Veronica flowers

Veronica’s flowers

Veronica is a herbaceous medicinal plant that grows as a spontaneous vegetation in North America, Asia and Europe. There are many varieties of the species, characterized by flowers of different colors and sizes that are collected in long spike inflorescences. Able to adapt to the most diverse types of soil, veronica grows even if rocky surfaces and for these reasons is also widely accepted in gardens: with little effort, it is possible to cultivate colored spots that can decorate any type of open space. The flowers bloom in spring and flowering can last for the whole summer period: the plant, if cultivated according to its optimal growth and development conditions, can easily reach two meters in height, with the inflorescences that develop so ascending. The veronica flower has four petals that can have the most different shades of blue, pink, purple and lilac, for small flowers with a very delicate appearance. Protected by the petals is the ovary, the female reproductive organ of the plant, which reproduces by pollination by insects. However, it is also possible to obtain veronica in other ways, starting from the seed, which however must be used only once it is completely dried.


As seen, veronica is a plant that can be easily grown in European areas, while individual species may have slightly variable specific characteristics and needs. In general, cultivation is recommended outdoors, to allow the plant to develop even in height, reaching large dimensions. Veronica is a plant that does not fear the cold and that on the contrary should be placed in sunny places, but which guarantee shelter during the hottest hours of the day: this trick will be useful to promote a more durable flowering. Depending on the place where it is grown and the climate, in the winter period the veronica can keep the parts of the areas in vegetation for the whole year or dry out completely, to then resume its normal vegetative cycle with the rising temperatures. Despite the adaptability of the veronica, its luxuriant growth can be favored by cultivation in well-draining and humus-rich soils, to be watered regularly especially in the summer, during which it is possible to add specific fertilizer every two weeks. watering water, thus promoting abundant and long-lasting flowering.

Properties of flowers

Veronica is not a plant that is grown only for decorative purposes: its flowers also boast several therapeutic properties known since ancient times. Like many plants, even veronica if used for herbal teas and decoctions can reveal important purifying and diuretic properties, but this is not the only precious effect of this plant, which is also effective for treating disorders related to the stomach and especially the respiratory tract. Veronica is particularly effective for treating bronchitis and limiting asthma symptoms. It is a plant with useful anti-inflammatory properties. Its use in the phytotherapeutic field boasts great diffusion not only for its effectiveness and the general beneficial effect it can bring to the body, as seen, counteracting disorders of different nature but also because it is a plant that is easy to cultivate and which, unlike many others, has no particular contraindications or poisonous parts, so there are no specific risks of overdose or intoxication. Phytotherapeutic and pharmacological preparations are obtained with the aerial parts of veronica, which exploit these beneficial properties also in admixture with other substances of similar effect, for an even more effective final product.

Veronica flowers: Meaning of veronica flowers

Veronica flowers originate from North America but are now widespread also in Europe, where they also take the name of “holy eyes” or “divine eyes”: the delicate blue of the flowers recalls that of the eyes and for this reason the main meaning of the flower is that of good omen. Giving veronica flowers to someone about to leave means wishing them a safe and healthy journey, watched over by the gaze of God. Veronica flowers are also given away by lovers if they have to separate for a long time or forever, due to a transfer or in view of a distant period, to leave a sweet goodbye. Due to its colors rich in delicate shades and small size, veronica flowers are linked to love messages and represent a beautiful but delicate feeling, to be kept with care and attention. However,

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