When to cut lavender flowers

Lavender is a beautiful and very resistant plant that can be used to decorate low maintenance gardens, as well as patios and terraces. It grows at a fairly rapid rate until it reaches between 40 and one meter in height, so it is the ideal size to be able to have it in any corner.

In addition, it produces flowers that, in addition to giving off a very pleasant aroma, can be used in the kitchen or to protect clothes. Do you want to know when to cut lavender flowers?

When to harvest lavender flowers?

The Lavender is native to the Mediterranean region plant that blooms during much of the year, especially in spring and summer. Therefore, we can harvest its flowers in those months, as soon as all the flowers on the same stem have opened. For this we will need nothing more than simple scissors to cut flowers, we can even use the ones that children use in their crafts.

Of course, it is important that we disinfect them with pharmacy alcohol and that we dry them well with absorbent paper before and after using them.

How to cut them?

To cut them correctly it is advisable to follow this step by step:

  1. We will select the flower stems that most interest us. In addition to having all the flowers open, they must look healthy, without pests or threads.
  2. Once chosen, we will cut through an area close to the leaves of the plant.
  3. Finally, we can do two things:
    • Gather the stems as if we wanted to make a bouquet, and then hang them upside down in a cool, dark place in the house until they dry.
    • Or use them directly to prepare delicious dishes.

What is the lavender flower like?

Lavender flowers are very easy to identify, but what exactly are they like? Well, to begin with, it must be said that what we call a flower is actually an inflorescence ; that is, a group of florets grouped on a stem. The bracts, that is, the modified leaves that protect the flowers, are often colored.

If we keep going up, we will find the chalice, which has five triangular shaped teeth. The corolla is lavender, lilac, blue or purple, it is bilabiate. This has four stamens, and the capitate style. Once the ovule that is well protected near the calyx, in the gynoecium, is fertilized, the fruit will develop. This will be dry, and will be known as tetra-nucula (five nuculae), each with an ellipsoid shape of brown color.

What are the characteristics of lavender?

Lavender is a subshrub, also called mata, an evergreen native to the Mediterranean basin, the Macaronesian region, North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and South Asia. There are many species, such as Lavandula angustifolia or Lavandula latifolia.

All of them have very similar characteristics: the leaves are lanceolate or elliptical, green or silver-green in color, their inflorescences are lavender, lilac, blue or violet ; and they grow until reaching heights of between 40 centimeters to the meter.

What is lavender good for?

Lavender is a very beloved plant, as it has several uses:

As an ornamental plant

Its resistance to drought and its rusticity (supports up to -7ºC) make it a perfect plant for low-maintenance gardens. In addition, it is even adapted to living near the sea, and it does not have pests or diseases.

And if you do not have a garden, you do not have to worry because it lives without problems in pots, tolerating pruning as long as it is not too drastic.

Helps prevent erosion

As it grows in all types of soils, even in poor ones, it is a highly recommended genus of plants to plant in soils with risk of erosion.

Also, if it is allowed to grow on its own, it will eventually slow down the wind a bit, something that will undoubtedly allow you to grow small plants.

Dried lavender for garnish

Once dry, lavender is a decorative item like no other. You can have it in a vase in the center of the dining room table, or at the entrance of your home.

Essential oil for products… and to be able to sleep

Lavender essential oil is used to make toiletries and perfumery. Also, it is a good natural remedy to be able to fall asleep.

You can buy it here.

Moth repellent

Being an insect repellent plant, it is also ideal for repelling moths. For this reason, it is highly recommended to buy lavender sachets and place them inside the closet for example.

How is it cared for?

If you dare to have a specimen, you just have to keep in mind that it has to be outside, in full sun, and receive irrigations from time to time. It resists drought very well, but if it is grown in a pot, do not forget to water it . The frequency will vary depending on the weather, but in general with 2 or 3 irrigations a week in summer, and one every 7 to 10 days the rest will be enough.

Protect it from moderate frosts, and prune it in late winter if necessary. For more information, I leave you this link:

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Lavender is a very interesting plant, with which you can have a garden or patio without mosquitoes or other pests. But also, thanks to its flowers, having a home that smells good is very easy .

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