Winter balcony flowers

Winter balcony flowers

In the cold season it is possible to choose different species of balcony winter plants and flowers. Such as the Camellia plant, native to Asia, is a perennial and evergreen shrub belonging to the Theaceae family. The flowers begin to prepare in late autumn, the round buds open in the winter and continue until the beginning of spring. It is a cold-resistant plant that requires constant watering to keep the soil always moist. The winter flowers from balconythey can be red, white, pink or mottled. Low maintenance for the cultivation of hellebore, the genus belongs to the Ranunculaceae family. The plant grows well in sunny or partial shade areas, the important thing is that the soil is well drained to avoid rot and mold. Flowering begins in December and hence the nickname Christmas Rose.

Winter plants and flowers for outdoors

There are several winter balcony flowers that can be chosen to color outdoor environments. With its small delicate flowers, the Viola belongs to the Violaceae family. Plants are distinguished between annuals and perennials, they can adapt to any type of soil and live well in pots. They resist winter well but require protection from severe frost, flowering begins in late autumn and continues throughout the winter. Different color combinations, available in plain or mottled, double and various sizes. Few cares for winter balcony flowersof the Erica plant, belonging to the Ericaceae family. The foliage is bushy and needle-like, in late autumn the small flowers that recall the shape of pendulous bluebells begin to bloom. Colors can range from white to pink.

The flowers of winter

In recent years it has become increasingly popular among winter balcony plants and flowers, it is the Brassica Oleracea plant known as ornamental cabbage. It belongs to the Cruciferae family and is a hybrid cross of a horticultural plant. The entire head is made up of dense and compact foliage, the so-called cap at the end is available in different colors such as yellow, purple or red. The plant does not require special attention and can be exposed to direct and indirect sun, moreover it does not suffer from cold winter temperatures. Watering must be constant only in summer. Winter flowers commonly known as Calicanto are resistant to heat and cold. The real name is Chimonanthus of the Calycanthaceae family, flowering produces small fragrant buds starting from the end of December. It does not require much care other than direct light exposure and little watering.

Winter balcony blooms

To get winter bloomsfrom abundant balcony just choose among the many plants available on the market. For example, resistant to cold and intolerant to heat, colorful and with abundant flowering, is the primrose plant. Widespread in different continents, it belongs to the Primulaceae family. It is one of the most suitable plants to withstand low temperatures, flowering begins during the winter season and continues until spring. Lots of colors and streaks for this plant that does not like direct light and requires protection from strong sunlight. Even the famous Cyclamen belong to the Primulaceae species, these bulb plants characterize the winter outdoor environments thanks to their adaptability and resistance to cold. The typical flower shapes offer an infinity of color tones to choose from.

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