Winter balcony plants

Winter balcony plants

If you can’t give up a flowered balcony even in winter, in the nurseries you can find winter balcony plants that with their grace are able to give you splashes of color even in the coldest periods of the year. You can have fun decorating your balcony, even playing a little fantasy. Indeed the winter balcony plantsthey are available in different shades of color and size. They also do not require special attention, as they can withstand the cold of winter well. To keep them alive, a little forethought is enough. If temperatures drop below 0, it is preferable to move the plants to an area of ​​the terrace sheltered from frost, or to protect them with sheets. Some plants that bloom in winter are: violets, cyclamen, ornamental cabbages, Christmas cactus.

There are different types of winter balcony plants, but in this period it is possible to find cyclamen, violets, Christmas cacti, ornamental cabbages more easily. Cyclamen are the winter flowers par excellence. During the holiday season, plants are used to decorate the house in place of the poinsettia. Cyclamen can be bought in full bloom, from early autumn to spring. The flowers are of different colors, white, red, pink and purple. It does not need particular care, but like all flowers, it does not like water stagnation. Ornamental cabbages are a great choice for decorating balconies in winter. Placed in a long vase, it is possible to play with its colors and create a beautiful scenographic effect by alternating the nuances of the flowers.

Other winter balcony plants

Among other winter balcony plants is the Christmas cactus. The cactus has flattened, leaf-like branching stems with seemingly thorny toothed edges and produces deep red flowers between fall and winter. This plant needs some care, for the whole period in which it produces new segments it is advisable to administer a fertilizer once a month. When it is budding or during flowering, the plant should not be changed in place, so as not to make the flowers and buds suffer. Violets also give great satisfaction. You can find specimens of any size, with different environmental needs and flowers of variable size, color and structure. Violets need moisture and an adequate dose of fertilizer to thrive.

When to grow winter balcony plants

To get winter balcony plants that bloom in the cold months of the year, you need to buy them before the cold season and in bloom. The Christmas cactus is a perennial plant, when it is not in bloom, it fills the spaces with its thick vegetation. It reproduces by replanting some segments in the soil. Violets and cyclamen tend to occupy all the space they have available, new shoots are generated from their roots. Generally when the cyclamen fades, it is tempting to throw the plant away, but if preserved and cared for, the plant resumes its vegetative state. Unlike other winter plants such as violets and cyclamen, ornamental cabbages also tolerate frost well. If it were to snow, they would not suffer any deterioration, they survive low temperatures.

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