Winter outdoor plants

Winter outdoor plants, part one

As already mentioned, plants, in addition to being very particular and ornamental, perform a very important function, namely purifying the air we breathe. Let’s start our list of winter outdoor plants starting from the Fern, a plant that is certainly very famous both for its beauty and for its ability to purify the environment; it adapts very well to bright environments and needs very regular watering especially in summer. We continue with the Gold Crest, from the Cypress family. Very particular sapling, it adapts well to almost all types of environment and likes regular watering; they are often “molded” to take on a “ball” or “spiral” appearance. Obviously, the Cyclamen is inevitable; very easy plant to grow,

Winter outdoor plants, part two

We immediately continue our list with winter outdoor plants suitable for the Christmas period. Let’s start with Illex, or commonly called Holly, a very resistant plant that produces the famous red berries in the winter; it does not need particular attention in the winter period, whilst in the summer it likes frequent watering. Gaultheria, which produces small white flowers and red berries; very “low” as a plant, it gives off a “balsamic” scent and above all requires regular watering. We continue with the Pyracantha, a shrubby plant with characteristics very similar to the colleagues mentioned above, it produces red or orange berries. Ardisia Crenata, a very valuable plant with toothed leaves at the edges and a shrubby habit; also produces

Winter outdoor plants, part three

We continue our list starting from Azalea, a plant of oriental origin with colorful and particular blooms; it needs regular watering and shaded places, it usually blooms in the winter period. Skimmia, a shrubby plant that produces inflorescences in red or white clusters; it does not require special care. Solanum, a resistant plant that produces small white flowers and red berries, which are the result of the grafting between tomato and chilli, however inedible. The Veronica, very particular and colorful, adapts very well and needs regular watering. The Buxus, or Boxwood, very resistant and often used for the creation of small hedges. Erica, also very resistant, blooms in winter and does not require special care.

Winter outdoor plants, part four

Let’s start this fourth and last part by immediately mentioning the Ivy, very resistant and useful if you are looking for a hanging plant; it does not require special care but is very invasive. Geranium, very common and easy to grow, produces very colorful blooms and is very hardy. For those who want to combine business with pleasure there is the creeping rosemary which does not require special care but is very ornamental and useful in a culinary environment. The Picea is the classic very precious and resistant Christmas tree. We close with a note regarding Bonsai plants, certainly fascinating but requiring special care; among the most particular Bonsai suitable for winter temperatures we have: Azalea, Red Maple, Bouganville, Ficus, Gardenia, Elm, Privet, Black Pine and Olive, just to name a few.

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