Winter plants

Winter balcony plants

There is a great variety of winter balcony plants, which are able to withstand the cold of winter and dress themselves with splendid flowers, capable of making the external environment more welcoming and vital, even in cold seasons. Once you have assessed the conditions of your balcony, with the precious advice of an expert nurseryman you can choose which plants are suitable for it and then give free rein to your imagination and your green thumb. One of the plants that best resists cool climates is the Calllicarpa, which in winter gives its fruits, that is, round purple berries. Belonging to the Verbenaceae family, of American origin, it is a shrub whose stems can reach two meters in height, with lanceolate, intense green leaves and small white or pink flowers, which appear in spring.

Hairy hydrangea and Hamamelis virginiana

Another winter plant is the Hydrangea villosa or Hydrangea villosa, a perennial shrub of the Saxifragaceae family and native to China. Suitable for growing both in pots and on the ground, it has stems that can exceed three meters in height, green lanceolate leaves and small flowers of different colors. Cold resistant, it should not be placed in direct sunlight. It must be lived in a soil rich in organic substances and watered regularly. The same precautions must be reserved for another winter plant the Hamamelis virginiana. Hamameliaceae shrub with different therapeutic properties, native to the United States, which is characterized by oval deciduous leaves and small fragrant yellow, red or ocher flowers, gathered in bunches.

Winter plants with flowers

Cyclamen are among the most popular and loved winter plants with flowers. Their white, red, fuchsia flowers are perfect for decorating both balconies and gardens, on sad winter days. It is also considered a lucky plant, to be given as an amulet to attract positive energies. There are fifteen species of this plant, already known by the ancient Romans and take their name from the Greek “kuklos” which refers to the circular shape of the bulb. The cyclamen persicum is the one that is best suited to being outdoors and withstanding the low temperatures of winter.It has green heart leaves, with white streaks and a five-petaled flower. The tubers should be potted in spring, in a soil rich in organic substances and watered periodically. F.

Christmas cactus or Zigocactus

The Christmas cactus or Zigocactus is a succulent winter plant, very resistant, which can be grown both on the balcony and at home and which is characterized by its colorful flowers that bloom during the Christmas period. Of Brazilian origin, it belongs to the genus schlumbergera (or Ephiphyllum), it has short and branched stems, formed by flat and fleshy sections, oval-shaped and with rounded tips, of an intense green color, which in the period between December and January offers large flowers, red, pink or white. It loves being in bright places, but not in direct sunlight, it must be lived in an acid soil mixed with peat and watered by regular nebulizations in the hot seasons, while in winter it is necessary to keep the earth moist, avoiding the stagnation of water.

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