10 perennial flowers for shade

Garden in the shade

Shaded areas are always a source of anxiety for green enthusiasts: it is thought that few plants of limited ornamental interest can grow there. Nothing more wrong! These are areas that, with careful planning, can become a focal point of our garden, adorning themselves in all seasons not only with ornamental leaves, for coloring and texture, but also with lush and lively blooms.

The secret of success lies in orienting oneself on plants suitable for the specific conditions: let’s first ask ourselves if the shade is light or dense. We then take into consideration the characteristics of the soil and the degree of humidity. Here are some ideas: many classic essences and some innovative proposals!


Ideal for areas of bright shade, they will soon spread independently from seed, enriching our borders with their abundant multicolored flowering. Once withered the corollas will remain pleasant even in the other seasons because they keep, even in the cold, a nice cushion of leaves.

Anemone hybrida

An indispensable perennial; its strengths are adaptability and autonomy as well as the unusual flowering period which extends (by inserting different cultivars) from mid-August to late October. It lives well in partial shade, but also performs well in medium shade. Its corollas, elegant like butterflies, are found in white and pink.

Dicentra spectabilis

An essence that we will no longer be able to do without! Everyone is struck by the long, heart-shaped clusters of flowers, commonly pink, but also available in white. Once withered, the finely engraved bright green leaves will remain until mid-summer, capable of giving softness and movement.

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