10 perennial flowers for the sun

Full sun garden

The areas in full sun give infinite possibilities, even if they pose considerable problems. Especially in our country, we have to deal with excessive heat and drought, especially during the summer months. It is increasingly necessary, both for practicality and for respect for the environment, the need to insert elements that know how to combine resistance and a long flowering period. In fact, there is no shortage of essences capable of giving color for medium-long periods, with very minimal interventions by the gardener. Here are some suggestions: some of these plants are ideal for creating rock gardens, while others give their best in the context of the mixed border, giving showy splashes of color.


Beautiful and indestructible, they adapt to any type of terrain and give their best when they receive sun for at least 4 hours a day. The colors available are endless and also the sizes: there are perfect ones for the first row of borders, but also for the intermediate ones. By opting for a remontant variety we will further lengthen the show in our garden.

Phlox paniculata

An indispensable plant for mixed borders: from mid-summer to autumn they produce large bouquets of flowers, in shades from pink to red to blue, perfect for giving verticality and a sense of abundance. The cultivation is very simple: it is enough to guarantee a soil that is well fertilized with organic substance and always slightly moist

Salvia x sylvestris

Blue has always been the most desired color in gardens; it is appreciated even more when it is combined with the verticality of the spike inflorescences. This ornamental sage guarantees us both and is, among other things, extremely simple to grow, in sunny exposures and with rich but well-drained soils.

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