Above ground garden pools

Why buy an above ground pool

Above ground garden pools are the best solution for those who already have a furnished garden or for those who have a particularly well-kept lawn and plants because (depending on the size chosen) they occupy a limited space and do not require garden renovations. These pools allow you to fulfill the dream of many people, to have a pool at home, without having to face the costs and work that are necessary to have it, since the assembly is much simpler and more immediate than that of the traditional pool. Furthermore, no permits or taxes will be required for the construction and placement of these pools! There are two types: soft pools that are present in various shapes (oval, rectangular, etc.) and rigid pools that have a steel skeleton that makes them more stable.

Soft above ground garden pools

The soft above ground garden pools are ideal for those who do not want to have a pool always mounted in the garden but prefer to set it up only for the summer season or in any case when they have to use it. They are the fastest to assemble but not for this they should be underestimated. Sleep particularly suitable for those who want to buy a pool mainly for children, because they are perfect for water games and for relaxing in company. We could find them in various shapes (rectangular, oval, etc.) and in various materials, starting from the PVC pool, the typical sack pool with side reinforcements that simply needs to be filled and is the cheapest of all; the inflatable ones, which are very light and the easiest to assemble and position,

Rigid above ground garden pools

The rigid above ground garden pools have a more elegant and refined design and can be better adapted to the furnishing style of your garden. Unfortunately they will not be as easy to remove as soft ones, so they are more suitable for those who want a pool to keep in the garden permanently or almost. Here too we will have various types, including steel pools that can have various shapes and colors, wooden pools that will be the most elegant to combine with a garden and will have an internal carpet to protect the wood from erosion caused by ‘water. Finally we will have a middle ground that will be given by the wood-covered swimming pools that will have a steel skeleton and will be covered with wooden boards for purely aesthetic purposes;

Pool maintenance

Whichever version of the pool is chosen, filtering and treatment of the water are essential for the care of the pool and for maintaining an adequate hygienic situation. There are various ways to keep your pool clean: from the simplest mechanical treatment, i.e. the elimination of dirt through a simple net, to the chemical treatment, which consists in pouring active chlorine or oxygen into the water, to lower the pH and keep under control any microorganisms present. In addition to these treatments, it is advisable to cover the pool with a suitable cloth after use, in order to prevent contamination of the water with environmental agents.

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