Acquistare un barbecue in muratura

The brick barbecue

The brick barbecue is a classic piece, for the garden or even for the terrace. In DIY stores there are different models, already built, or even to be assembled, creating the space for the dream barbecue, expanding and modulating it as desired. In fact, it is possible to find prefabricated bases, on which the firebox is placed and a series of complementary accessories. These accessories include hoods, which ensure better ventilation of the fire; if you want you can add side shelves, but also a sink or a bread oven. The only limitation concerns the space available, but we must also consider that it is not necessary to place everything immediately: you can buy a simple brick barbecue, and then enrich it with accessories at a later time,

Build a brick barbecue

Although the offer of pre-built masonry barbecues is very wide, it is possible to produce one yourself, all you need is a good familiarity with DIY. The most important part is certainly the hearth, which must be coated with refractory material, otherwise there is a risk that after a small number of fire ignitions the concrete and bricks will be conspicuously damaged, making the entire barbecue completely unusable. The rest of the barbecue serves only as a support, so it can be built with classic bricks, but the concrete to be used must be all heat resistant. We start by preparing a base, which will support the entire structure; then the side walls are built, on which the refractory material plates for the hearth will rest; it is advisable to produce strong and resistant walls,

The prefabricated masonry barbecues

Prefabricated masonry barbecues are among the best sellers in home improvement stores. In fact, these structures have the advantage of being modular, of having a low price and of lasting over time. Compared to a metal barbecue, the price is slightly higher, but the duration is much higher, up to 2 or 3 times longer. Furthermore, it must also be considered that these barbecues are designed and built so that they can be left outdoors, totally exposed to the elements, without the need for any cover. To ensure that a brick barbecue is stable and long-lasting, it is important to prepare a sturdy base, the parts of which must be cemented together. If you have a corner in the garden, it is also important to create a concrete base, well leveled and solid,

Buying a brick barbecue: Prices

The price of a brick barbecue is as varied as possible, because the variables are numerous. The lower cost models are the self-produced ones, consisting of a firebox in refractory material resting on three side brick walls; these structures can cost very little, even less than 100 $, considering that the most expensive part is the refractory brick. The prefabricated barbecues are available in various models, starting from prices around $ 100-150, to get to those equipped with hood, wood-burning oven and alternative worktops that can cost as much as $ 500-1,000. If you want the top of the barbecues, you can also build a brick structure on which rests a gas fireplace, in stainless steel with lid and smokehouse area. In these cases the price rises dramatically,

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