Alberi di natale sintetici

Synthetic Christmas trees

With the arrival of Christmas, the age-old dilemma concerning the choice of the best Christmas tree returns. And if buying a natural Christmas tree undoubtedly has its charm, bringing home the unforgettable scent of fir, Italians are increasingly deciding to buy synthetic Christmas trees. The latter in fact undeniably have some advantages, first of all the possibility of being preserved for a long time. Easy to assemble, synthetic Christmas trees generally take up little space when folded. They are available in many models, prices and sizes able to satisfy any need and, obviously, they do not require special care and can be decorated both inside and outside. Finally,

How to choose the synthetic Christmas tree

Christmas trees made of synthetic materials are generally available on the market in many variations (colored, snow-covered or with optical fiber lighting) and able to reproduce an absolutely natural Christmas tree in an extremely realistic way. When choosing, make sure that the tree has a sufficient number of branches and that the needles do not tend to come off. In this way, not only will the tree certainly be aesthetically more beautiful, but it will be able to last longer. Furthermore, it is advisable to pay attention to the synthetic material used for its realization: the increasingly widespread ecological awareness suggests opting for more durable materials such as PVC or PE. Furthermore, many e-commerce sites offer infinite solutions at particularly affordable prices.

Models of synthetic christmas trees

The range of synthetic Christmas trees on the market is very wide, starting from the dimensions: the mini trees have a height of about 40 cm, the medium ones vary from 120 cm to 240 cm up to the giant synthetic Christmas trees that can reach a height of 450 cm. Particularly popular in recent years, have been the colorful synthetic Christmas trees (very popular are the white and pink trees) or the trees covered with pine cones or artificial snow. Finally, trendy in recent years and very suggestive are the synthetic Christmas trees with fiber optic lighting usually placed inside the ends of the branches, creating splendid plays of colored light with a particularly decorative three-dimensional effect.

Synthetic Christmas Trees: The prices of synthetic Christmas trees

Although on average more expensive than real Christmas trees, those made with synthetic materials can be used for many years and are generally characterized by an excellent quality / price ratio. Among the basic models, the price varies from 29 to 39 euros for the mini versions, while it varies between 69 and 79 euros for heights between 120 and 130 cm and between 79 and 119 euros for sizes between 140 and 210 cm. Giant trees generally have prices that can reach 800 euros. The snow-covered or colored versions generally have prices that are not much higher while the models with fiber optic lighting are obviously more expensive (with prices ranging between 149 euros and 279 euros for heights between 140 cm and 210 cm).

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