Anti-cellulite herbal tea

What is cellulite and how to fight it

Aesthetic cellulite is not only a skin blemish, but it is a real pathology characterized by an imbalance between venous and lymphatic circulation that leads to hypertrophy of the fat cells and an accumulation of fluids and metabolic toxins in the intracellular spaces. This dysfunction of the microcirculation gives the skin an appearance called orange peel. There are many tricks that can be put into practice to combat cellulite, including: following a healthy and balanced lifestyle, characterized by balanced nutrition, constant activity physics, choice of non-tight clothing and not excessively high-heeled shoes, correct postures and abolition of alcohol and smoking. But to facilitate the cellulite elimination process, it is also possible to exploit the beneficial properties of some medicinal plants that are easily consumed through herbal teas. AAnti-cellulite herbal tea can be obtained by pouring boiling water over the chosen herbs, leaving it to infuse for 10 minutes and filtering everything with a strainer.

Anti-cellulite herbal tea made from birch and nettle

Among the most effective herbs to treat the symptoms of cellulite is birch, which, thanks to the high concentration of flavonoids, active ingredients that promote urine production, has a diuretic and purifying action on the body, helping to expel faster liquids and excess toxins. Particularly useful then, to purify and promote the drainage of liquids that stagnate in the subcutaneous tissue, is the nettle. Herbaceous plant rich in mineral salts and vitamins, used since ancient times in the treatment of various ailments, nettle is able to alkalize the blood and promote the elimination of acid metabolic residues, as well as purify and detoxify the body and counteract the water retention. You can take advantage of the beneficial power of these plants by preparing an herbal tea with a teaspoon of dried birch leaves and a teaspoon of dried nettle leaves. To make the flavor of the herbal tea more pleasant, you can add a handful of berries.

Anti-cellulite herbal tea based on red vine, fucus and fennel

An equally effective herbal tea to restore the health of the subcutaneous tissue is the herbal tea made from red vine, kelp and fennel. The association of these herbs makes it possible to exploit the polyphenols present in the red vine which perform an important protective action on the cardiovascular system, limiting vascular permeability, toning the walls of the vessels and favoring the development of the capillary network. The preparation then allows you to take advantage of the energizing properties of fucus, a sea alga that helps to accelerate the basal metabolism and stimulate thyroid function by promoting the disposal of calories, regulating the process of fat synthesis and reducing localized accumulation. Finally, the anti-cellulite herbal tea it also allows you to benefit from the purifying action of fennel which, by improving the body’s ability to assimilate food correctly, not only eliminates all the ailments associated with poor digestion, but also accelerates the process of expulsion of waste and toxins, detoxifying the body from liquids and metabolic residues.

Anti-cellulite herbal tea based on centella asiatica and spirea

Another herbal tea particularly valid in the fight against cellulite is the herbal tea based on centella asiatica and spirea, whose combination allows you to exploit the phlebotonifying abilities of centella and the diuretic ones of spirea and allows you to act simultaneously on the imbalance of the microcirculation and on retention In fact, gotu kola, the herb of choice for the treatment of cellulite, contains active ingredients able to tone the walls of blood vessels and make them more elastic, promote peripheral microcirculation, control the permeability of capillaries, reduce the dilation of the veins and eliminate subcutaneous edema. The spirea on the one hand, on the one hand, carries out a vessel protective action of blood vessels and decongesting the circulation, from

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