Apple tree

The apple tree

The apple plant is native to the Caucasian areas of Asia, but then quickly spread to Europe as well. In Italy, the apple tree is mainly cultivated in the north; the regions considered to be the main apple producers are Trentino Alto Adige, Emilia Romagna and Veneto. The botanical name of the apple tree is Malus domestica; it belongs to the Rosaceae family, and there are many different varieties, whose fruits are distinguished by flavor, texture and color. In fact, apples can have green, yellow or red skin, with all the various intermediate shades. In addition to natural varieties, there are plenty of cultivars created by farmers to offer a wider choice to buyers. The apple is in fact a beloved fruit, both eaten alone and used as an ingredient for sweet and savory preparations.

The apple tree is not only intended for intensive cultivation and marketing of its product; in fact, on sale there are also suckers or stems that can be put in the garden, and which could also bear fruit. Planting them is not difficult. The first thing to do is to properly prepare the soil, which does not have to have particular characteristics, but for the first planting it would be good to use a layer of manure and cornunghia. The cornunghia is a fertilizer derived from the crushing of nails and horns of animals. The hole to be excavated must be at least 50 centimeters deep, and a width of one hundred centimeters, which makes it easy to reposition the earth well around the roots. The best time to do this is from October, before the

The characteristics of the apple tree

Once the apple tree has been planted, it must be left to grow freely for at least a year, watering abundantly during the first periods, so that it takes root in the ground. After a year, you can think about the first pruning. It must not be too drastic, but it must only serve to give airiness to the hair. The new branches must be pruned to about thirty centimeters in length, to give greater strength to the main ones, and to favor the birth of the fruits. The apple tree could reach ten meters in height, although it is rare for it to grow that big in a garden. The first fruits will appear after two years, at least, and will be preceded by a beautiful white or pink bloom. Perhaps not everyone knows that the apple is actually not the fruit. The actual fruit is the core of the apple:

Apple tree: The apple tree, its care and its fruits

The apple tree generally has a smooth and straight trunk, with a homogeneous bark; it has serrated leaves and resists the cold well. It produces its fruits from the end of July. The diseases from which it can be attacked are fungi and parasites, such as mealybugs and aphids. It typically doesn’t require a lot of care except some attention to periodic pruning if you want it to bear a lot of fruit. The most common are those of the Golden type, the Gala and the Red Delicious; Fuji are also very popular. The advantage of apples is that they are not only good to eat as soon as they are detached from the branch, but they can be preserved in many ways, for example by making preserves and jams. In the kitchen they can be used to make excellent cakes, but also as ingredients of savory dishes.

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