Apple tree pruning

The different ways to carry out apple tree pruning

The apple tree needs different pruning operations during its life cycle. In fact, there are different methods of apple tree pruning, which differ from each other in relation to various aspects. During the first years of life of the apple tree, the latter undergoes the so-called formation pruning. This intervention is aimed at organizing the tree structure, in order to allow the apple tree to grow properly. Subsequently, maintenance or production pruning begins. This particular and delicate intervention aims to free the apple tree from all superfluous structures, lightening the structure, allowing the sun to irradiate the entire surface of the tree and substantially increasing the level of productivity.

When and why you should prune the apple tree

Apple tree pruning is a procedure of fundamental importance which, if performed in an optimal way, ensures an increase in the level of productivity of the shrub during the growing season. The most appropriate period for apple tree pruning is certainly the beginning of the spring season, more precisely towards the middle of March. The choice to prune at this particular moment is completely strategic as, in this way, it is possible to totally remove all the structures and branches of the tree damaged due to the cold winter temperatures just passed. Furthermore, by carrying out the pruning in early spring, we intend to prepare the apple tree to face the growing season adequately. Apple tree pruning is then carried out regularly from year to year.

Tools for pruning the plant

To carry out apple tree pruning it is necessary to resort to a series of specific work tools, to perform this type of operation in the best possible way. First of all, it is advisable that this delicate procedure be carried out by an expert operator who knows how to manage the entire job in a profitable way and in complete autonomy. Furthermore, it is necessary to choose various tools depending on the size of the structure to be cut. In this regard, in fact, pruning shears are usually used to eliminate the thinnest branches, shears to eliminate the superfluous parts of the foliage and, finally, the hacksaw is used to cut and remove those sturdier and thicker branches. It is necessary to use a pruner to cut the branches higher and, therefore, difficult to reach.

Apple tree pruning: Further curiosities and advice

During the procedure of apple tree pruning, it is necessary to observe a series of hygiene rules of fundamental importance, in order not to damage the state of health and well-being of the apple tree during the execution of this work. First of all, the operator must carry out the procedure wearing a pair of gloves that are always adequately sterilized. Even the work equipment must always be well cleaned and disinfected. This will prevent the shrub from coming into contact with possible pathogens, which could cause serious infections and diseases. Finally, it is strongly recommended to treat the cut area with mastic, in order to favor the progress of the healing of the area and at the same time protect the tree from any germs and pathogens.

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