Aromatherapy essential oils

Essential oils in herbal medicine

The word itself says it: essential oils are the essence of a plant, its pure active ingredient. In herbal medicine you can find many types of essential oils, in fact there are several, divided by their characteristics and their uses, the main use is aromatherapy with essential oils. For example, lavender essential oil has antiseptic and calming properties, so it is very useful for the care of stressed and delicate skin that has redness and is equally effective in aromatherapy as a relaxing and to alleviate disorders related to the menstrual cycle. It can be said that the essential oil can be obtained from any plant, both from the leaves and from the bark as it happens for the essence of cinnamon. We have mentioned the multiple uses of these essential oils, both for cosmetic and curative use. We can dilute them with an oil called carrier to spread them on the skin and benefit from them, or we can take them orally diluted in a teaspoon of honey or in a little water or we can inhale them through the aromatherapy technique with essential oils. The important thing is to always choose the right oil for us.

Different uses of essential oils

To benefit from essential oils, you need to know their properties and toxicities very well. In fact, we must know that alongside the beneficial effect there may be some contraindications perhaps given by a very dangerous wrong use, especially in aromatherapy with essential oils. For example, not everyone knows that the essential oil of maleleuca, known to the general public as tea tree oil, should not be ingested as it could have hallucinogenic effects. It is good to always seek advice from the herbalist before using essential oils. If you have decided to use it internally, that is, to ingest a few drops, you will have to buy an oil for food use to avoid problems. By purchasing the essential oil in herbal medicine you will be able to «try it» smelling it on a piece of absorbent paper and having its benefits listed by experienced staff. For aromatherapy with essential oils to have the maximum positive effect, it is good that the chosen essence is pleasant to the subject as well as having the necessary requirements. A smell considered unpleasant to the subject largely nullifies the success of the aromatherapy procedure.

The most common essential oils

By going to a herbalist’s shop you can find many natural essential oils that are not derived from artificial flavors, however there are precious essential oils that are more difficult to find commonly. Aroma therapy with organic essential oils is the only effective one. For example, neroli oil is more difficult to find than the common orange precisely because of its preparation that uses only the inflorescences. Even the essential oil of hemp sativa is difficult to find because it is perishable and therefore difficult to preserve. It is necessary to inform oneself adequately because also the origin of the essential oil is very important for its effectiveness as well as for its purity. A wake-up call is the price, an essential oil with a very low price will hardly be genuine but will be elongated and therefore less effective. Don’t be scared if the essential oil may seem expensive, if genuine the high cost is justified by the use of precious raw materials and by a craftsmanship that make the benefit really great especially in the aroma therapy with precious essential oils.

Aromatherapy essential oils: Prices of essential oils

Very important for the effectiveness of an essential oil is its origin and its composition. In fact, the best essence must be obtained directly from the plant, the purity of the same is the discriminating between a fine oil and a poor one. Furthermore, it is necessary to take into account the extraction procedure, each plant requires one in particular in order not to disperse the active ingredient. To be sure that these requirements have been met, it is very important to do a research on prices. Online and also in stores we encounter many very attractive offers every day, unfortunately if we have decided to take the path of aromatherapy with essential oils, we cannot rely on an essential oil that costs less than 50% of its list price. The health risks posed by use of a non-genuine oil, especially in aromatherapy with essential oils, are multiple and dangerous. Aromatherapy with essential oils consists in inhaling the vapors produced by the essence contained in the oil, if the oil is not 100% natural not only will we not obtain benefits but we will also have serious damage.

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