Arredamento terrazzo

The furniture for the decoration of the terrace

In order to furnish our terrace in the best possible way, first of all it is necessary to evaluate the space available: if the dimensions of the terrace are limited, it is better to avoid bundling it with too much furniture; the ideal is instead to resort to more flexible objects, such as folding chairs and tables. The rules for decorating a terrace do not differ much from those for gardens: chairs, armchairs and deckchairs cannot be missing, preferably in warm and lively colors. A large table, in plastic or wood, will be the protagonist of outdoor lunches and dinners with relatives and friends: it is best to choose it in an easy-to-clean and weather-resistant material; a nice outdoor umbrella, preferably to be mounted in the center of the table, will protect from the too strong sun of the summer season.

Curtains, pillows and fabrics

To create pleasant areas of coolness and shade on our terrace, you can opt not only for the more traditional umbrella, but also for curtains, available in different models and colors: it is better to focus on light colors that will give the environment greater brightness; moreover, if the fabric of the tent is waterproof, it will also guarantee protection from the rain. If we want to give the terrace a more exotic touch, we can place a pergola there, to be enriched with light and brightly colored curtains, which will sway pleasantly in the breath of the wind. Colorful cushions placed on sofas, chairs or at the foot of low tables will increase the sense of relaxation, as well as carpets or mats, to be chosen in materials that are as resistant as possible. Fortunately, there is

Illuminate the terrace

One of the most fascinating aspects of having a terrace is being able to use it as a space for relaxation on summer evenings: dinners and chats with friends or moments of evening tranquility to dedicate to ourselves find an ideal setting on the terrace, provided but to choose the right lighting. The light on the terrace must never be too strong or dazzling, in order not to disturb the neighborhood and to ensure privacy and discretion: wall lamps are always a good solution and can also be placed in such a way as to delimit the boundaries of the terrace. In the case of a patio you can use a ceiling light or a pendant lamp, which will ensure uniform lighting from top to bottom. To create a suffused atmosphere, LED spotlights are always very suitable,

Terrace furniture: Ornamental plants and flowers

The terrace furniture can be enlivened by the inclusion of plants and flowers, which will transform it into a real “hanging garden”. Colored pots or large terracotta planters will welcome floral species to choose from, however, with particular attention to the season and atmospheric conditions: the flowers most resistant to the harsh winter climate are certainly cyclamen and violets, characterized by lively and beautiful colors; also yellow jasmine is very resistant, does not require too much care and has a warm and bright color, which will brighten even the most gray and rainy days. For the spring and summer period you can more easily indulge yourself with daisies, sunflowers, hydrangeas, primroses and geraniums (the latter also useful for keeping mosquitoes away).

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