Hobbies and pastimes

Modern life is a constant back and forth between home, work, bank, post office, school, after-school, gym, training ground and so on and so forth; if we did not get tired, for so many commitments we have, we would never stop and we would come to physical and mental collapse. Oh my God, in fact, we often arrive at these critical conditions anyway, and this is why hobbies and pastimes exist: they are different activities from the usual, new, simple and perhaps reflect a passion that we have always had. But what do these activities do for us? Very simple, they engage the body to free the mind, or the exact opposite, or both together. In fact, for those who have hard manual work and come home tired in the evening, rest seems to be of no use; instead, maybe engaging in the care of the garden (which in any case is a physical activity) can help the body to recover by doing a different activity and the mind to relax because it focuses on something other than work commitments. Obviously the home garden and the work it requires are not the only pastime, but it is one of the most complete and appreciated, also because it makes us stay in contact with nature and brings us back to an activity that has always been in our traditions.

Garden maintenance

The hobby of gardening and gardening is famous as “the green thumb”, a nice and almost paradoxical phrase (no one has a green thumb of course in fact) which, however, gives a good idea of ​​a simple and natural passion , capable of reuniting with the natural things of life, the healthiest and most beautiful to love. Very often this passion begins “unwillingly”; in fact many people put a lot of energy and sacrifices to realize the great dream of having their own house even with a beautiful garden. But later they find themselves facing all those chores and precautions that the garden requires in order to always be efficient, beautiful, functional and safe. For the first time you feel almost forced to do it and often regret not having thought of it before,

Leaf vacuum

Like all jobs and hobbies, gardening also requires specific tools and tools; in reality, for the simplicity of these works, it would not even be so necessary. But we are in the modern era and technology and progress have intervened to improve and facilitate many operations, including some related to gardening. One example is lawnmowers, which have made the work of mowing the lawn, which was once not so simple and tiring, easy and almost fun. Another example is the leaf vacuum: goodbye mace and broom, thanks to the mechanical technology it is enough a motor, a suction pump and a basket tank and sucking up the dry leaves and fallen on the ground of the garden will be child’s play. To do everything there is a suction power (suction in short) activated by the engine,

Gardening tools

The leaf vacuum is not the only tool that is needed in a garden in order to facilitate, and greatly, the maintenance work inside. In addition to the aforementioned lawn mower, which is perhaps one of the most famous and widespread automated tools for working in the garden, there are in fact the chainsaws, which are able to lighten the work of those who have a large garden, with trees to be cut and adjusted. continuously, or those who have a fireplace and who independently procure wood. But the classic garden tools are others: spade, shovel, hoe, rake, wheelbarrow and sledgehammer are the basis of a job that has fed generations of families and people, they are tools that sooner or later we will all use even just for a day, tools that are inherent in our culture and in our society, because all our grandparents have certainly worked with them to continue living. And in fact, despite the fact that today they have been semi-replaced by mechanized tools and that in any case the work of the land is not so widespread, they are never forgotten, as they are really too much inside us to leave the mind and heart. Among other things, their purchase price is much lower than that of mechanized tools such as lawn mowers and leaf vacuums, but it must be said that functionality is also reduced.

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