Avocado cultivation

How to prepare avocado seed for cultivation – part one

To prepare the avocado for cultivation, remove the seed by cutting the fruit and trying not to cut the stone inside. Enter with the blade for about 1.5 cm making a rotating movement. Gently clean the seed, removing any avocado residues. Use warm water and hands, not soap. Do not remove the brown cover that protects it, otherwise the seed could be ruined, risking it not sprouting. Insert four toothpicks in the middle of the core, spacing them evenly and enter a maximum of five millimeters deep. This is to allow the seed to be kept suspended over the edge of a container. Fill a jar or glass of water until it almost reaches the edge.

How to make avocado seed – part two

Place the avocado in the container so that it is halfway in the water. It must have the most pointed part at the top and the rounded one at the bottom. Otherwise it will not grow. Now wait for it to germinate, putting the seed that is inside the glass near a window or where a lot of light arrives. By doing so we will allow the root and the sprout to grow. Replace the water every day or two. In this way we will be sure that molds, bacteria, fermentation products and other contaminants do not hinder the growth of the sprout. Pay attention that the rounded base of the seed is always wet and immersed in water. We will have to wait patiently to see the roots and the shoot come out. It will take about two to three weeks for this, the outer coating will begin to dry out and become wrinkled and may even peel off. After that the core will open both above and below. The roots will be visible in the submerged part after 3-4 weeks.

Planting the avocado tree – part one

Choose the most suitable place for it to grow. Theoretically, the seed should be buried in a pot, increasing its size as the plant increases in size. We consider placing it directly outdoors if the outside temperature never drops below ten degrees centigrade during the year. Prepare the soil. Avocado plants tolerate almost all soil pH levels but low salinity and optimal drainage are important. During the first year of life, the plant does not need a large use of fertilizers. After the first year it needs a 10-10-10 fertilizer every six months to make the tree grow stronger. Or use regular potting soil by adding gravel or stones to the bottom of the pot to allow for good water drainage. Prepare the vase. Use a terracotta one of about 20-25 cm on each side and place enriched soil up to 2 cm from the edge. A mixture of equal parts of soil and coir can be used. Smooth and flatten the soil a little, adding more if needed. Drill a small hole, large enough for the seed and roots.

Avocado cultivation: Planting the avocado tree – part two

Prepare the avocado seed for cultivation. When there are many roots and the sprout has any chance of giving birth to more leaves, the seedling is ready to be placed in the pot. Remove the seed from the water and carefully remove the toothpicks. Plant the avocado seed. Bury it halfway making sure that the part with the roots goes underneath, in this way the upper half that will be the base of the trunk will not rot. Lightly compact the soil around the seed. Give the plant a drink. Wet it every day or just enough to keep the soil moist but be careful not to make it muddy. If the leaves appear dark at the tips it means that the plant needs more water while the yellow at the ends indicates that we are wetting it too much and it would be better to let it dry for a day or two. Keep the avocado plant healthy. By continuing to take care of it regularly, in a few years you will have a beautiful tree that needs a few tricks.

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