Avocado plant

What is avocado.

Avocado was a typical fruit of the Mayan and Aztec populations. The name derives from the Aztec, and means “fruit of love”. It is native to Central America, but today it is also cultivated in the Mediterranean areas, thanks to the climatic similarity. It belongs to the Lauraceae family, it is tall and always green with very expanded roots. The foliage can reach 15-20 meters and the flowers, hermaphrodites, are actually very hidden and difficult to identify by pollinating insects, consequently the plant has low productivity. The fruits are oval in shape, green or purple in color, and their pulp is very rich in fat. It has three different varieties, the Mexican, the Antillean and the Guatemalan, which are distinguished by the shape of the leaves and the color. Only the Mexican has a particular smell of anise.

How to grow the avocado plant.

How should you grow a plant that was born in Mexico? The climatic conditions are very important. The best climate for successful cultivation is the Mediterranean one. The plant is considered to be fast-growing, in three years it reaches the size of a ten-year-old citrus fruit. We can plant our plant purchased in the nursery, in late winter-early spring. To obtain the fruit, pollination must be created by placing two three plants of the two main reproduction groups side by side. Only in this way can we obtain fruit. It is necessary to maintain good hydration, paying attention to the drainage of the soil. If the plant has brown leaf tips, then it has water problems, the water supply must be slowed down. The tree does not need to be pruned in the first years of life,

When to harvest the avocado.

The avocado harvest runs from the end of October, for the early fruit, and lasts until March. Avocado fruit usually does not ripen by the time it forms on the plant, but it takes time to mature. How, then, can we understand when to harvest the fruit? We just have to touch it with our hands, if it is soft to the touch then we can pick it up. The ripening period depends on the avocado variety you have chosen: for example, Bacon avocados are harvested from late autumn to spring, Pinkertons go from winter to spring. Also take a look at the shape and possible weight. A ripe avocado, whatever the species, weighs between 170 and 400 grams. Another trick to check for ripeness is the skin of the fruit. If this has bruises there is a defect in the fruit, or it could be too ripe. So if we have grown a green fruit species, this color must be dark but not damaged.

Avocado Plant: Uses of Avocado.

Avocado is a high-fat fruit. What are its uses? It depends on what we analyze. In fact it has an infinity of possibilities of use. From cooking to health, to personal care. In medicine it has excellent properties for sorting cholesterol levels. Containing omega three helps the production of good HDL cholesterol, and inhibits the storage of “bad” cholesterol. It also has an excellent antioxidant power, due to the presence of vitamins A and E. Some studies have shown that it can help in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, fights depression, decreases the itching of dermatitis. Avocado fruit is widely used for beauty treatments. We can rub the inner part of the peel on the face, giving the skin hydration and freshness. We can also relieve traditional bags under the eyes by cutting slices and placing them on the affected part. In short, whether you eat it or spread it, avocado is a remedy against everything.

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