Bach flowers

Edward Bach and his alternative medicine

Edward Bach, a British physician argued that physical well-being could be compromised by a negative emotion. The list of flowers he composed includes plants that have the same characteristics as the subjects presenting the problem. Pungent leaves correspond to a closed and asocial personality. Brittle and easily blown leaves are similar to people who easily sense signals from the environment. As a function of this, each plant transmits energy principles with which it is endowed. Therefore the active ingredients contained in it are not exploited. Bach flowers are distinguished in remedies, aids and assistants. They can be combined with each other up to a maximum of three. The fields on which they act are fear, uncertainty, anger, worry, loneliness. The method of preparation is very simple.

Preparation of the flowers

Bach flowers must be collected in places far from polluting sources. The energies contained in plants must not be negatively influenced. There are specific rules to follow regarding their collection. The flowers should be harvested on sunny, windless days, particularly calm. The flowers are cut with scissors without touching them with your hands. They are dropped into a 300 ml glass container in which water is contained. Then, they expose themselves to the sun for 4 hours in colder climates and 3 hours in warmer climates. The sun will make the flowers transmit positive energy to the water. They are filtered and the water will be transferred to a liter bottle in which an equal dose of brandy will be added. The boiling system, on the other hand, requires the flowers to be boiled for about 30 minutes.

Bach flowers on the market

Bach flowers are marketed in the form of ready-to-use vials. The practicality is to prepare the dose by adding water and brandy. Many companies produce them and are then distributed in specialized shops, supermarkets and herbalists. The shopkeeper can prepare them to order or they can be made at home following a simple procedure. Having a 30 ml measuring cup with pipette available, it fills 2/3 of water and 1/3 of brandy. Then 4 drops of the chosen remedy are added. The dosage involves taking 4 drops of the preparation 4 times a day. In a special table compiled by Bach it is possible to combine the flowers for a studied synergistic action. Brandy has the preservative and antioxidant function of the solution thus obtained.

Bach flowers: healers, aids and assistants

There are 38 Bach flowers and at the beginning, Bach himself divided them into aids, remedies and assistants. According to the moods, however, they are divided into fear, uncertainty, loneliness, worry, despair and dejection.The effect that is produced with their assumption is the transformation of the emotional state. Negative affirmations will translate into positive states and confidence in oneself and others. The classic statements, for example of a subject Holly are «Everyone is against me», «I hate the successes of others», «I enjoy seeing the failures of others». With the taking of the remedy everything will translate into «I feel that others love me», «There is no reason to hate». An Aspen subject will be one who is afraid of the unknown, of magic and of existence of dark forces. Using flowers will make him more courageous and appreciate his sensitivity. These are some examples of states that require alternative flower medicine. Other flowers are Olive (fatigue), Gentian (pessimism), Impatiens (Impatience and impatience), Larch (low self-esteem), Mimulus (generic fear), Pine (guilt). These are the most used ones.

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